Lyric Theatre combines stage and film versions of 'Rocky Horror' into one seductive, sex-charged show 

unexpected costume changes for him during the floor show sequence.

After years of seeing average actors playing "Rocky" at midnight screenings, it's a nice chance to see the impossibly hunky Billy Noble take on the title role. Despite a slightly flaccid entrance that involved him halfheartedly running away from Saylor's Frank, he has tons of sex appeal and does great work opposite Parish Mechling's Janet in "Touch-a Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me."

Matthew Alvin Brown and Mechling both turn in solid performances as Brad and Janet, staying pretty true to the original film performances, right down to Brad's bulging briefs. Pulling double duty, Stephen Hilton delivers a haphazard performance as Eddie, but knocks it out of the park as Dr. Scott. Terry Masters does good work as the neckless narrator, and Lexi Windsor has several standout moments as Columbia.

While Lyric encourages audience participation, the production doesn't make it extremely clear how or when to do so, which resulted in only four people getting up out of their chairs to do "The Time Warp" the night I attended. With a little better explanation and some work on the part of the actors to get people up and moving, this should be fixable.

Unlike some "Rocky" productions that tone down the naughtier elements, Lyric should be commended for embracing them and raising the bar, as exemplified by the seduction scenes that include some hilarious simulated sex, seen in silhouette.

A great band, excellent costumes, dynamic lighting and a fantastic set all help ensure that even with a few missteps, Lyric's production of "Rocky Horror" is still plenty entertaining and should please virgins and old pros alike. "?Eric Webb

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