Maximum Homeless Guy - Bums Away 


On its MySpace page, Oklahoma City punk-rock trio Maximum Homeless Guy lists liquor and the Salvation Army as primary influences, which sounds just about right.


In case the current crop of local Nickelback clones or introspective loner-rock bands has fogged your memory, this is the kind of punk rock you used to make with your friends in a basement after skateboarding and drinking McCormick vodka all day.


Most songs off MHG's album "Bums Away" clock in at around a minute and a half. The last song, "Not Jamican," (I think they mean "Jamaican") is an astounding length of three minutes, mostly pseudo-reggae, with lyrics about driving around in a white van smoking pot.


This all sounds pretty stupid, and it is, but purposely so, which makes it pretty fun, especially songs like "Robotic Cock" (they must stop robotic cocks!), "Take Lots of Drugs" and "I Killed a Dude."


The trio also tackles such complicated moral dilemmas such as whether to have sex with a dirty girl' not kinky dirty, but actual dirt and filth. They decide to "Not Beat Around the Bush," and have sex with her anyway, even though she has a "peg leg" and a "Kermit" face. 


The music is impossibly fast, often sounding like early NOFX or (bring on the hate mail) Bad Religion.


Maximum Homeless Guy will be playing Aug. 31 at Othello's in Norman, with The Black Tie Event, Bloody Ol' Mule and Psychotic Reaction, and the band claims a CD-release show is scheduled Oct. 2 at Hi-Lo Club.


Grab a dirty punk rocker guy or gal and go enjoy some awesome minute-long songs about filth, fury and robotic genitals. 


"?Joe Wertz

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