Merry disc-mas 

Warner Bros. aimed to replicate Nolan’s Dark touch with its Superman reboot, Man of SteelZack Snyder’s summer smash lives on a double-disc combo ($35.99) with four hours of extras.


your kids think they can’t be scared by a 50-year-old TV show, behold
the power of Rod Serling! Now on DVD shorn of extras, thus available at a
more affordable price, The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series ($169.98)
caused my three skeptical children, ages 9 to 16, to jump and scream.
Anti-black-and-white as they are, they found themselves entranced by
such classic half-hours featuring a ventriloquist’s dummy with a mind of
its own, a proto-Chucky kids’ doll (“My name’s Talky Tina … and I’m
going to kill you!”) and William Shatner’s nervous airline passenger
spotting a creature on the wing of the plane. Get in the Zone
all five seasons, 156 episodes, 25 discs — because it’s not just the
greatest anthology in television history but one of the greatest shows

Similar, but in Japanese, is Ultra Q: The Complete Series ($59.97). This utterly oddball sci-fi series from 1966 also predates The X-Files with
investigations of such strange stories as UFO sightings, a house full
of giant spiders, killer vines, shrunken citizens, a dimension-tripping
train and many, many rubber monsters à la Godzilla’s golden age. Take a
chance on it because the 28 episodes represent a ton of fun; the only
negative is the absence of any kind of guide on the package to acquaint
newbies, but you’ll live.

Weirdest of all is Time- Life’s The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete DVD Collection ($249.95),
likely the only spot in popular culture to corral Ronald Reagan, Zsa
Zsa Gabor, Muhammed Ali, Betty White and Mr. T. It’s a real time-warper
and, at 25 discs, a time-eater. (Warning: Contains Charo.)


To celebrate a quarter-century of movie-skewering, there’s Mystery Science Theater 3000: 25th Anniversary Edition ($64.99). Presented in a tin, the limitededition set is heavy on the sci-fi — or should that be sigh-fi? — with Moon Zero Two, The Day the Earth Froze, The Leech Woman and Gorgo being
ripped new ones by our lightning-witted, space-stranded hosts. To make
this batch more special than the previous ones, Shout! Factory has
included a pair of classic, out-of-print episodes (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die and the riotous Joe Don Baker action vehicle Mitchell) along with a feature-length, retrospective documentary on the groundbreaking, Peabody-winning comedy series.


The Vincent Price Collection ($79.97)
gives six of the horror legend’s best movies their Blu-ray debut,
including four of his stellar Edgar Allan Poe pictures for director
Roger Corman and the fan-favorite The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Beautiful transfers and a wealth of special features help viewers see the films with fresh eyes.

because nothing says Christmas quite like a mental institution run by
nuns and a serial killer appropriately named Bloody Face, there’s American Horror Story: Asylum ($59.99), the second season of the FX hit series.


Now that Breaking Bad is gone, can we please talk about phenomenal Mad Men: Season 6 ($49.97) was? Spend your new year watching Don Draper’s worst days.

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