Metal vs. Vinyl brings together two crowds 

Empty beer bottles were scattered across the table like tombstones, as Riley Hahn, lead singer of local metal band Soul Crisis, took in the view at a local strip club.

Hahn is a scene-surfing oddity of the metro. His long, spindly dreadlocks and dangling, DayGlo goatee can be reliably spotted at rock shows, gentlemen's clubs and raves alike. His affinity for earsplitting metal and trance-inducing drum and bass " a breakbeat and bass-line heavy style of dance music " drew him to Friday's hybrid concert, "Metal vs. Vinyl."

"'Metal vs. Vinyl' is trying to bring two scenes together," he said. "Brian Zero started it back at the Sanctuary in 2001 and 2002 with a whole bunch of bands and some DJs."

Despite sharing many attributes when experienced live, Hahn said heavy metal crowds don't usually mingle with drum and bass audiences.

"Drum and bass is the heavy metal of house music," he said. "If you hear drum and bass, you know what you are going to get: a techno kick in the face."

The concert will feature Soul Crisis and metal rockers Torn Tomorrow and Severed by Sin, as well as DJs Brian Zero, Brando, Stoic, Kid Royal, Mayhem and Krispe. Hahn said the show will be similar to DJ shows where a pair of DJs share the stage, trading control of the speakers to keep music blasting non-stop.

He said the once-regular local event died off until a local promoter floated the idea of bringing some of the state's best drum and bass DJs together for a show. The promoter wanted Soul Crisis to play, so Hahn suggested marrying the two genres in a single show.

"Metal vs. Vinyl" starts 8 p.m. Friday at the Conservatory, 8911 N. Western. Tickets are $6.

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