Mick's margin 

In a race that was closer than Nostradamus may have prognosticated, incumbent Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett defeated independent candidate Steve Hunt on March 2.

Cornett won by 58.3 to 41.7 percent, but Mayor Mick's margin of victory was on a diet compared to 87 percent in 2006. He was first elected with 58 percent in 2004.

Cornett's third four-year mayoral term begins April 13. He joined Ron Norick (1987-1998), Patience Latting (1971-1983) and Allen Street (1947-1959) as a third-term mayor for OKC.

One question remains: How the heck did Hunt garner more than 40 percent of the vote? Was it the University of Central Oklahoma grad's résumé (Half Price Books)? His message ("We need an educated workforce, not a renovated Ford Center and a basketball team.")? Or his tweets ("hey girls show me your boobies. itll create jobs, foster growth, and improve the community.")?

Perhaps a few voters caught Hunt's brief Feb. 28 appearance on the "Flash Point" program on KFOR-TV. Bucky was hungover that Sunday, so he missed the broadcast. Cornett did not participate in a debate on the show, so the challenger had Mike Turpen and Kirk Humphreys all to himself.

Hunt, a 39-year-old political activist, managed to get additional airtime before the vote.

"We're at a time right now where we need to let go and allow the small businesses and the working people to do their thing," Hunt told KFOR during an interview prior to his defeat. "However, it seems like the current leadership of the city wants to continue a path of using the working people as ATM machines to fund the projects of the elite."

Speaking of projects, Cornett and the Oklahoma City Council approved a resolution that established the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board's framework on Election Day. Consisting of 11 OKC residents, the board will include eight members nominated by council members in their respective wards. Upon the mayor's nomination, a pair of at-large members also will be appointed.

Three-year terms for board members will be staggered, meaning some positions will be open for re-appointment each year. Subcommittees will provide additional input.

"We took the best qualities of the MAPS Citizens Oversight Board, the MAPS for Kids Trust  and the Sports Facilities Oversight Board and integrated them into the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board," Cornett said in a statement.

Wonder if Hunt will attend the meetings?

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