Missing: one TARDIS 

Kind of. The iconic blue police box is missing, but it’s not the made-in-Gallifrey TARDIS variety (that’d be Time and Relative Dimension in Space) — it’s the variety that a dad and daughter built themselves.

According to KFOR-TV, Tom Iadevaia and his daughter, Kaitlyn, of Little Axe, built the 300-pound structure to sit in their front yard and be the coolest bus stop ever. We’re guessing that, like us, they’re fans of the long-running (and seriously fun) British adventure sci-fi series.

But now their front yard is sad and lonely, because someone stole the TARDIS. We suspect the Daleks. Tom Iadevaia has another idea.

“I just can’t see why someone would take the darn thing unless they are a big ‘Doctor Who’ fan and they want to put it in their bedroom,” he told the station.

“Good luck getting it through the door,” Kaitlyn added, laughing.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the theft, and they have a few leads — not surprising, considering how many enemies  the Doctor has acquired over the years.

Here’s hoping with a vroosh-vroosh-vroosh and a thunk, the time machine reappears in their yard.

And it just might, in the form of a more recent model. A subgroup on the social news website reddit.com rallied around an effort to replace it. “Pego,” an Oklahoma City woodworking artist, organized a group of “redditors” to donate money, skills or supplies to build a new TARDIS before Kaitlyn returns from camp. (Oh, and it’s a surprise. So, shhh!) The group’s convo reads a bit like a handyman dating site, with a bunch of guys sheepishly offering up their skills: “I’m an able bodied male that follows directions well. I can swing a hammer and that kind of thing. I’m not offering much,” wrote “TruthElixir.”

A man who follows directions well? Talk about science fiction!

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