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Many restaurants and bars are adding a roster of zero-proof drinks on their menus, including handcrafted mocktails and alcohol-free beers.

It’s no secret Oklahomans love to imbibe. However, for those temporarily or indefinitely sober residents, options at bars and restaurants are often limited to water or something out of a soda gun. Many restaurants and bars are adding a roster of zero-proof drinks on their menus, including handcrafted mocktails and alcohol-free beers. Whether you’re the designated driver of the night or have more personal reasons for abstaining, those seeking non-alcoholic cocktails can take solace in the fact Oklahoma City has plenty of options available, including these seven spots.

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  • Berlin Green
  • Ponyboy

405-896-2037• 423 NW 23rd St.

Ponyboy is one of Uptown 23rd’s best places to catch live music and gourmet bar snacks, it’s also a great place to find refreshing mocktails. Ponyboy proudly crafts both low-proof and no-proof drinks for patrons who want to skip the hangover, using mostly liqueurs and bitters for flavor. If you’re going for zero-proof try the Back to Black — a delicious concoction of blackberry, lemon, soda and alcohol-free ginger beer.

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  • Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto

405-437-4992 • 2415 N Walker Ave.

Pizzeria Gusto serves incredible wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas but they can’t be passed up for amazing craft mocktails. Here you’ll find a full mocktail menu filled with concoctions so flavorful you’d never know they’re booze-free. Start brunch with a Virgin Mary — a classic Bloody Mary minus the vodka — or something on the sweeter side like the Honey Do Spritz, a delightful combination of berry rose spritzer, fresh blackberries, honeydew and lemon topped with Topo Chico.

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  • Cheever's


405-254-5058 • 6430 Avondale Dr.

Osteria is known for its flavorful Italian-inspired menu. Its mocktail menu is no different, offering visitors the chance to try distinct non-alcoholic beverages they may not be able to get their hands on elsewhere. The house-made ginger beer is a treat with ginger syrup with wildflower honey, fresh lime juice and soda. Paloma lovers should opt for the Virgin Palo Martita, featuring fresh ruby red grapefruit and lime juice with housemade simple syrup and a sugared rim.

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  • Osteria


405-525-7007 • 2409 N Hudson Ave.
Cheever’s is well known for its upscale southern and southwestern cuisine but many may not know that they keep a handful of cool, intricate mocktails on the menu. Those looking for something bubbly can opt for the Blue Lily with blueberry hibiscus tea, tarragon syrup, lemon and soda. Alternatively, Florence’s Potion blends cucumber-celery juice with ginger syrup, lemon soda, grapefruit bitters and a tajin rim.

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  • FRIDA Southwest

FRIDA southwest

405-683-7432 • 500 Paseo Dr.

Sought after for its upscale southwestern fare, Frida brings serious tropical vibes to its airy and colorful dining room. Frida doesn’t currently offer a dedicated mocktail menu but they’re happy to whip up virgin versions of their menu favorites. The alcohol-free version of the Hollaback Girl loses the vodka but keeps the delicious flavors of blackberry-basil syrup, lemon and soda. Not to be outdone, the Zephyr Song gets remade with blueberry-honey syrup, lemon, lavender bitters and sprite for a tasty twist.

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  • Milo at The Ellison

Milo at the Ellison

405-849-5747 • 6201 N Western Ave.

Milo reopened to much fanfare this past spring with an impeccable locally-sourced menu helmed by chef Josh Valentine. The mocktails are as mindfully planned as the cuisine, vibrant in both flavor and presentation. The Island Life will transport you to the beach with its tart and refreshing blend of coconut water, orgeat, lemon and soda and the In Season will delight your taste buds with the sweet flavors of strawberry, cantaloupe and lemon.

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  • Ludivine


405-778-6800 • 320 NW 10th St.

Exemplary made-from-scratch cuisine is designed to be accompanied by a drink that’s just as divine. The bar offers a small selection of alcohol-free wines and bubbles designed to be paired with any of their incredibles dishes — they even offer a chef’s tasting dinner that includes non-alcoholic wine pairings (as well as alcoholic ones for those who choose to partake). For a fantastic mocktail, simply pick your flavor and skilled bartenders will craft you something magical with their house-made syrups and seasonal ingredients.

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