Monster a-Go Go 

Asks the cover of this "special collector's edition" of 1965's "Monster a-Go Go," "Is it a misunderstood masterpiece ... or the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE?"

It's neither. Oh, it's one of the worst movies ever made, all right "? just not "the" worst.

The sci-fi film "? can we actually call it a film? "? concerns a missing astronaut and a 10-foot monster on the loose. You should know where this is going, except that what should be related is not. Plus, the 70-minute running time is padded with twist numbers.

Never truly completed, the movie should be familiar to loyal viewers of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and likely few others, who know how painful it is to watch. Still, people watch, much to the befuddlement of director Bill Rebane in the disc's interview segment: "Why? Why would anybody want to see that?"

By "that," he refers to the mishmash that is "Monster a-Go Go," which began as a horror picture and ended up "? through union issues and other problems that doomed the project "? well, this harmless but horrible black-and-white flick, "finished" by one-time Oklahoman Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The story behind the movie is much more interesting than the movie itself, which is the only reason to consider picking up this disc over the film's previous releases. Rebane is quite candid on the commentary and aforementioned interview (but, it must be noted, pretty static as a filmmaker, as the pair of colorful dance shorts in the extras show), and it comes with a healthy booklet reprinting an exhaustive article from Scary Monsters magazine.

As the trailer says, it'll "give you the whim-whams." Whether that's a good or bad thing, I leave for you to decide. "?Rod Lott

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