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One day, a package arrived in the mail that stirred up hundreds of memories for Ian Moore. It was a copy of an unreleased album he had done with his original band — known simply as Ian Moore Band — that had been shelved and lost in the shuffle.

He immediately thought of the era around its would-be release, the Texas group’s subsequent breakup and the fistfight between himself and the label head that arose from Moore defending the LP.

“I wasn’t necessarily attached to the record,” Moore said. “What I was attached to was doing something I was proud of.”

Fast-forward 15 years: “The First Third” is finally getting released as the original band stages six shows in five cities, including Saturday’s stop at Diamond Ballroom.

The blues rockers had made it to the big time, playing with the likes of the Rolling Stones behind hit singles “Satisfied” and “How Does It Feel,” before the label disapproved of the third album’s progressive sound.

“This record is badass. It’s 15 years old now, so it’s not exactly how we’d make it if we were making it today, but it’s a really cool record,” Moore said. “Everyone was firing on all cylinders, but it was a weird time with the record label. It met a lot of resistance and never got the showing it deserved. To be able to put it out now on our own terms ... we’re just excited to be able to do it.”

This record is badass.

—Ian Moore

The irony is that its roots sound — sonically and melodically related to acts like Wilco and Gomez — was sort of ahead of its time.

“You sound like an asshole if you say that, but basically we were,” Moore said. “It’s all about timing, and our timing was a little off. It would have been a multiplatinum record. It’s so strange that this is the one we got dropped for, because it’s the most commercial record we ever made.”

His conviction in “First Third” led to him re-recording it as a solo artist, but giving it an entirely different flavor. Since then, Moore has more than kept himself busy on his own, including “El Sonido Nuevo,” which came out this spring with his new band, The Lossy Coils.

The other IMB guys are active, too, each enjoying the path his life has taken. That’s the main thing standing in the way of a full reunion, but at least regional fans can get one last flashback.

“We all want this to be something that’s fun and not too overwhelming,” Moore said. “Being in a band at that level is amazing and terrifying. There’s so much pressure. At a certain point, you need to get off the train.”

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