Absolute monarchy

OKC hip-hop artist Queen Caution’s Pisces Bash celebrates her birthday with a local music showcase.

Rats revisited

Dweezil Zappa presents a live “faithful DNA-level” reproduction of Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats.
It would be hard to prove, but Dweezil Zappa said there’s a “distinct possibility” he first heard Hot Rats in utero.

Food Issue: Tasty licks

Local eateries serve their food with a side of live music.
In last year’s Food Issue, we highlighted several concert venues — Chesapeake Energy Arena, The Jones Assembly, Opolis — where you can see a nationally touring act and also eat a better than decent meal. This year, we’d like to offer a variation on the theme and serve up a menu of restaurants where, in the process of filling your belly, you’re quite likely to fill your ears with the sumptuous sounds of live, often locally sourced, music.

Harmonic convergence

Pitch HER Perfect’s Rhythm and Flow brings music and poetry to The Paramount Room.
Annisia Anderson and Vada Patrice met singing backup for other artists, but as the duo Pitch HER Perfect, they’ve taken center stage.

Reasonable doubt

Deezy’s five-song video EP Aporia second-guesses the meaning of success.
aporia – noun 1.

Raw power

Four years after recording it, Psychotic Reaction finally released Messiahs of Voltage.
Norman’s Psychotic Reaction recorded Messiahs of Voltage over two days in 2015, and more than four years later, the band was ready to release it.

Low pressure

Atmosphere stops at Tower Theatre to promote surprise new album Whenever.
When Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere gave its latest album to Rhymesayers Entertainment, the record label didn’t know what to do with it.

House show

Internationally influential DJ Paul Oakenfold brings his monumental trance to Oklahoma.

Cover stories

The members of My So Called Band discuss the different realities for cover bands and original bands.
In our ongoing effort to follow the money — and lack thereof — in the local music scene (see “Broke Music,” Nov. 1, and “Bank Notes,” Nov. 28, 2019) we’ve heard a recurring chorus: Playing covers pays.

No apologies

The trials and joys of motherhood inspired K.C. Clifford’s self-assured new album.

Better half

Husbands’ After the Gold Rush Party finds inspiration after 30.

Scented apprentice

Tribute act Smells Like Nirvana brings teen spirit and more to Diamond Ballroom.
As a kid, Paul Wandtke wanted to be Kurt Cobain, but Wandtke’s brother had another idea.

‘Surprise Surprise’

Josh Abbott Band’s Catching Fire looks beyond heartbreak to celebrate survival.

Dirty Santa

Red Dirt Rangers’ Kids Christmas Show returns for its 25th year (at least).
Red Dirt Rangers’ Kids Christmas Show has been an annual holiday tradition for, well, a

New Moon

After releasing hours of music, OKC hip-hop artist LoneMoon calls new album Andromeda her real debut.
LoneMoon estimates her 2018 single “Naw Naw” has been streamed about 3 million times — as she described it, an “uncomfortable amount of attention.”

Scary monsters

Singer-songwriter Kinsey Charles’ new children’s book isn’t afraid of the dark.

Christmas rappin’

Gift Raps, Jabee’s holiday hip-hop benefit show, returns for its sixth year.
For households already struggling to make it month to month, the holiday season can bring more anxiety than merriment.“I remember my mom stressing out during Christmastime,” said local hip-hop artist Jabee.

Yesterday road

Jason Boland, Cody Canada and Mike McClure return to their Red Dirt roots with The Yellow House Revisited.

Intimate Archive

Singer-songwriter Maddie Razook celebrates the release of her new solo album at The Blue Door.

Bank notes

More local musicians tell us what they do for money, honey.
After our cover story about the difficulties local musicians have making money (Music, “Broke music,” Jeremy Martin, Nov. 1), a few musicians reached out to tell us that article didn’t really reflect their realities.


Indigo Girls/Lucy Wainwright Roche @ The Jones Assembly

Skillet @ Diamond Ballroom

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