SUMMER GUIDE Hello, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City and Tulsa are getting inundated with concerts this summer.
Not long ago, a roundup of notable concerts hitting Oklahoma in a given summer would have been depressingly Tulsa-heavy.

Fan service

Rocklahoma features a diverse array of musicians performing classic hits as well as new material.

Angry blues

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears brings its newest album to 89th Street — OKC.

Metallic Milton

Desolate Tomb turned to Paradise Lost to inspire its Christian-themed debut, Cast From God’s Sight.
Extreme metal fans will not be shocked to hear the voice of Satan screaming for vengeance on Cast From God’s Sight, the full-length debut from Chickasha-based musician Dakota Whiteside’s “blackened deathcore” project Desolate Tomb, but they might be surprised to learn that Whiteside thinks of it as a Christian album.

Emotional spelunking

Cavern Company gets serious on its new EP, So This Is Happiness.

Studio music

Prolific musician Jim James brings his 2018 albums and the band whose album he produced to Tower Theatre.

New process

Girlpool brings the expanded sound of its newest album to 89th Street — OKC May 9

Cover: Mega pumped

Nerdcore rapper Mega Ran fought his way out of pizza joint gigs to land a choice Norman Music Festival spot.

Cover: Nationally endangered

Black Milk and Soccer Mommy work to be authentic in the internet-driven, cookie-cutter music economy.

Saint’s Passage

Evan Crowley recorded Saint Loretto’s second album during a time of intense personal upheaval.

Universal language

Lincka throws the rule book out the window with her new mini-album, Blank Slate of Mind.

Lift off

Princess brings its multimedia feminist album Out There to 21c Museum Hotel.
Like many cinematic science fiction epics, Princess’ animated album-length music video Out There begins with sustained synthesizers and explanatory text.

Vinyl celebration

Area record stores celebrate Record Store Day in different ways.
The celebration of April’s Record Store Day has mirrored the resurgence of the vinyl record sales over the last decade. As vinyl now accounts for more than a third of all physical music sales, its highest percentage since 1988 according to information from Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), April 13th’s Record Store Day is slated to be its biggest since its 2007 inception, with more than 500 special releases.

Cab calling

Death Cab for Cutie enters its third decade with Thank You for Today.

Writer’s round

Nashville and Oklahoma City songwriters perform and tell stories behind hits at the fourth Oklahoma Songwriters Festival.

Marketing passion

Local musician Jacobi Ryan let go of his stage name and embraced his work ethic as he plans to release a song a week this year.
Not counting the other collaborations and EPs he has planned, Jacobi Ryan is on track to release a song every week this year, but several he has written might not be released at all.

Sorta ruby

Norman’s The Deli celebrates 40-something years of live music.

Power harmonies

The Lunar Laugh debuts new single “Waiting on a Sign” to gear up for a new album.
Three-part harmonies are a trademark of Oklahoma City-based band The Lunar Laugh, which is indicative of the way lead singer Jared Lekites and guitarists Connor Anderson and Campbell Young work as a unit.

Hello, Death

Michigan-based Greet Death thrives on being difficult to categorize.
About 20 years ago in a first-grade classroom, Greet Death began to form.

ALCOHOLMANAC Lyrical libations

Both old and new music venues in Oklahoma City offer a range of drinks to concertgoers.
Oklahoma City has a rich and thriving live music scene, and a wide variety of venues have found success supporting the diversity of the city’s music fans.

Twiggs, "Hometown"

Oklahoma City's Twiggs will release its third album, Twiggs III,  later this spring, but today the band is releasing two tracks from the album, "Hometown" and "Tennessee." While "Tennessee" emphasizes the group's facility with power-pop, "Hometown" is a more pastoral, languid affair, like a midwestern Mazzy Star.


Adam & Kizzie @ Tower Theatre

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