Pitter patter

Letterkenny-themed Halloween show The Premature E-Jack-O-Lantern Party combines music, comedy and “sexy dancing.”

Dancing days

Daybreak Festival brings three days of electronic dance music to Byars.

Stage warning

Tenacious D brings its new, possibly incendiary, apocalyptic rock opera (and its hits) to OKC.
Before you can watch Tenacious D’s 2018 sort-of animated sci-fi rock opera Post-Apocalypto on YouTube, you must click through a screen warning: “This video may be inappropriate for some viewers.” Go ahead and apply that same warning to the text beyond this sentence.

Evolving experience

Kali Ra prepares for the release of The Monarch and the uncertainties of the future.
Just before we called Kali Ra frontman David Goad for this interview, he was practicing what he calls “angry yoga.”

Aural interludes

X Ambassadors aims for unique, interactive audio experiences in an effort to be more inclusive.
X Ambassadors’ second album is also a second try.

Crowds’ choice

A group of musicians based in Los Angeles set out on an unconventional tour and hope to create a better concert experience.

Perfect partnership

Iron & Wine and Calexico team up to release a second joint album and tour.
The musicians playing on it never broke up or really even formed a band, exactly, but Years to Burn is basically a reunion album.

Electronic OKC

A local record label fosters OKC’s electronic music scene.
Taylor McKenzie started a record label to feed a habit he acquired overseas.

Blonde evolution

Shoulda Been Blonde releases its first full-length album and ponders its next steps.
Shawnee’s Shoulda Been Blonde was named after a joke lead singer Peyton Wilson’s cousin used to make at her expense.

Tap tunes

Eight local bands and eight local breweries team up for a concert and beer-tasting at The Jones Assembly.
Several local musicians are celebrating their new releases with beers, and you can join them.

Harmonious Rebirth

New Orleans’ Rebirth Brass Band brings its brand of jazz to Tower Theatre.

Wizurdz compromise

Limp Wizurdz grapples with its roots while dealing with the reality of its present.
Limp Wizurdz is getting serious — sort of.

Moving Mavericks

Members of The Mavericks continue growing musically after 30 years in the business.
When guitarist Eddie Perez joined The Mavericks in 2003, the hard-to-classify band was more than a decade old and had recorded multiple Grammy-nominated hit songs and albums.

Reggae royalty

Stephen Marley talks to Oklahoma Gazette about his father’s legacy, recognizing the roots and nurturing the fruits.
Bob Marley, in a 1975 interview, said he did not necessarily play reggae music.

Apocalyptic touch

Eliza Gilkyson faces the unpleasant realities of modern times with Secularia’s “anti-gospel” songs.
Eliza Gilkyson’s Secularia is the sound of her singing in full voice, something she once wanted to keep secret.

Music, man

Myriad Botanical Gardens celebrates Woodstock’s 50-year legacy of peace and love with a free concert and other events.

Lion, tamer

David Bazan finds a kinder voice for self-examination as he revives Pedro the Lion on Phoenix.
Occasionally, the stuff people shout at the stage is more useful than “Free Bird.”

Flipped out

Tyson Meade revisits his past and builds his future with a multimedia concert at Tower Theatre.

Making adjustments

By adding vocals and lyrics, Westering’s math-rock developed a new dimension.
Westering started out as an instrumental math-rock band, but adding vocals balanced the equation.


Theory of a Deadman @ Diamond Ballroom

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