The shape of OKC music to come

With a little luck, Oklahoma City’s music scene is poised to explode in 2022 the way it was on track to do before COVID-19 arrived.
Looking ahead is terrible business these days.

Girl country

Maddie & Tae kick off All Song No Static Tour at the Tower Theatre the first week of January.
Country Music Awards vocal duo nominees Maddie & Tae launch their headlining 16-city tour in Oklahoma City.

Driven to direct

Ronnie Johnson AKA Grand National heralds a new album with a post-Scorsese short film debut.
To the layperson, the title 328i may sound like something out of abstract science fiction, but its reference is anything but dystopian or futuristic.

Smooth Local

Times are hard, and with the holidays forthcoming, they might get harder. These relaxing recordings may help.

Those were the fat days

Touring for a living can be brutal.

Soundcheck: Local Man Ruins Everything - Local Man Ruins Everything

The best Local Man Ruins Everything music video is the one painted by the mind’s eye.

"We did not ask for this room"

Have you ever wondered, “What if Steely Dan tried to make a My Chemical Romance album?” or, “What if Sufjan Stevens decided to really make a run for the pop charts?” or even, “What would ‘Moondance’ be like if Van Morrison made it right now and also wasn’t an insufferable anti-lockdown conspiracy nut?”

Who's on First

Rap powerhouse Thomas Who? amplifies Okla- homa hip-hop through meaningful collaboration
Thomas Who?

Soundcheck: Jacobi Ryan - IKIA

The latest release from Lawton hip-hop entrepreneur Jacobi Ryan is the opposite of its homonym.

Friendly Foe

Anthony Tee AKA Nymasis uses his art to push himself and the next generations into new levels of artistic expression.
Tony Tee may perform under the moniker of Nymasis, but he’s really all about unity.

Soundcheck: Neon Cathedral - Velvet

There’s something palpable within the shrouded layers of fuzzed-out guitar, delicate vocals, and hypnotic rhythms of Velvet.

With dances and tears

Adriana Medina, an OKC-based mariachi violinist, explains the depth and meaning of the musical style.
It’s the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15 (Mexican Independence Day is the 16th, not Cinco de Mayo) to Oct. 15.

One man musical preservation society

Tulsa’s Matthew Wallace turned his passion for cataloging the past and present of Oklahoma music into the online, open-source OK Music Archives
The Oklahoma music scene state- Twide is booming and beginning to establish itself as an important source of creative, diverse bands and artists, but none of that could be possible without a rich history of groundbreakers and trailblazers stretching back decades.

Divine rhymes

Hip-hop Artist Chris “The God MC” Cain Arrives at 89th Street
UPDATE: Jay Electronica has canceled his September tour dates to aid in New Orleans hurricane relief efforts.

Matching the vibe

Oklahoma City composer Nikolas Thompson scores gig scoring festival pick.
Nikolas Thompson is a professional in all things music, but scoring films is what’s currently keeping his hands busy.

Between the lines

An expanded version of OKG’s interview with The Mountain Goats
John Darnielle will be taking the stage for the first time at the Tower Theatre this month.

Read the comments

It’s not every day I get called a Nazi. On Thursday, Aug. 19, Tower Theatre and Ponyboy announced that we’re requiring proof of vaccine or negative COVID-19 test to attend our shows.

A little country, a little rock 'n roll

Pryor is the stage for back-to-back festivals this September, including the return of Rocklahoma and the inaugural Born and Raised Festival.
Eastern Oklahoma is set to be a musical mecca throughout September for rock and country fans as they converge for the return of Rocklahoma over Labor Day weekend and for a new festival just a few weeks later.

TULSA: The Legendary Stage

Closing in on its centennial anniversary, there’s no place in the state like Cain’s Ballroom.

TULSA: Multi-Tracker

Hess Recordings founder Pete Hess put down roots in Tulsa and has been putting down the jams ever since
Tulsa’s music scene is famous for being sprawling and ever-changing, with thriving communities built around punk, metal, folk, hip-hop, and more all across the city.

Unconventional ‘Cuts’

The Mystery of Outpost 31 Studios
Here’s a riddle: What makes tracks but leaves no footprints?

The Music at Your Feet

Our state is home to some of the most internationally- beloved builders of those little boxes that make your favorite guitarists go wild.
Think of Jimi Hendrix re-conceiving the National Anthem at Woodstock with screeching feedback and blistering fuzz.

Save our sanity

Local Roots, Global Heart

Oklahoma Native Melanie Jennings is on the front line of foreign humanitarian efforts with USAID
Vice President Kamala Harris’s words to the staggering numbers fleeing Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras have rung a dissonant chord in the ears of the people charged with coordinating aid to the crisis.

Play it again

After being one of the first industries to collapse last spring, live music is roaring back.


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