Soundcheck: Various Artists - ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ (Anvdvnelisgi)

The new, genre-diverse collection of contemporary recordings sung entirely in the Cherokee language is one of Oklahoma's best and most important albums of the past year.
"ᎰᎵᎦᏧ ᏂᏥᏫᏪᏍᎬ?" According to the printed lyrics that accompany physical copies of ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ, a Cherokee language album released in latter 2022, the preceding question translates to, “Do you know what I'm saying?"

Soundcheck: Generation Lossless - Advertising Films

The electronic artist’s sophomore album is a meditative post-vaporwave ode to vintage Japanese culture of the 1980s.
In the old 4:3 aspect ratio of an outdated television screen, a teaser trailer for Advertising Films explains that the term generation loss refers to a condition under which recorded media degrades as it is copied and transferred over time. It is especially evident in the VHS format where horizontal waves of static and warped audio tracks leave stained technological fingerprints on a once-pristine tape.

Soundcheck: Stunna - Solid Gold

The new band's debut record is a red-hot ride of rock and roll testosterone that reinvigorates the genre.
Rock and roll is alive and well. One just needs to know where to find it — Ada, in this case.

Soundcheck: John Fullbright - The Liar

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter makes his big studio return with powerhouse performances, inspired arrangements and a commitment to the road less traveled.
Since its release at the end of September, John Fullbright’s long-awaited The Liar has carried avid word of mouth amongst loyal fans and genre listeners. Its 12 songs have gotten good marks in online music magazines, and the consensus is clear.

Soundcheck: LRYN - HERE4EVER

After years of songwriting, Lauryn Hardiman finds her groove in a slick R&B makeover that recalibrates the trajectory of her career.
LRYN is not an acronym, but if it was, it might stand for Low-key Rekindling Your Night. The project’s pop/R&B music wears a sound palette suited to a sensual evening of flirtatious conversation.

Soundcheck: Alison Sloan - Fate

The OKC alt-pop artist unspools a new thread of tangled vices on her smart, concept-heavy third album.
With wine bottle, cellphone, guitar and more sprawling out from her being in swirls of Blue Willow china inkwork, a hand-drawn Alison Sloan rests comfortably on the cover of her new album. If her eyes were open, she would be looking directly at the viewer, but her mind is elsewhere, finally finding an inner peace that she desperately hunts for the entire record.


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