Pontiff pontification

Pontiff pontification

Smoking Popes wrestle with spirituality, fame and bad politics on Into the Agony.


Paranoia simulation

Kevin Barnes takes of Montreal into uncharted waters with White Is Relic / Irrealis Mood.

Brain work

Hippo Campus takes on toxic masculinity on its latest album, Bambi.

Flowering Burch

Austin-based Molly Burch navigates heartbreak and stress on First Flower.

Muy Bonito

Kero Kero Bonito stirs a colorful cultural stew.

Total misfit

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein avoids the past and rails against Spotify.

Feeling Lucky

After some false starts, Carter Sampson gives her fifth album the release it deserves.

Sick boys

Venerable punk band Social Distortion will play Oklahoma City’s Diamond Ballroom on Oct. 24.

Metal Country

Swedish band Avatar theatrically explores its metallic realm with Avatar Country.

Class clown

Puddles Pity Party will perform with his signature dour flair at Tower Theatre.

Up “Elevator”

The New Tribe reunites with new music and fresh perspectives.

Primate primacy

Arctic Monkeys make the Criterion their Tranquility Base Oct. 10.

Queen Bishop

Bishop Briggs performs at Tower Theatre on Sunday.

Divine hammer

Breeders guitarist Kelley Deal discusses the Last Splash lineup’s new album.

Double exposure

Twin Shadow taps into his personal experience and spirituality on his fourth album, Caer.

Deep Dive

Lake Street Dive returns to OKC to play The Jones Assembly on Sept. 27.

Unpredictable music

Todd Rundgren stops at Tower Theatre Sept. 27 for one of his Unpredictable performances.

Lighter lyrics

Singer-songwriter Travis Meadows finds hope on his most recent album, First Cigarette.

Track record

Guestroom Records celebrates 15 years of against-the-odds success.

Electric performance

Synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan performs a standout set at the Tower Theatre.


Hot Mulligan @ 89th Street-OKC

Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road @ CHK/Central Boathouse

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