Mythical guides lead costumed crowds through 'Psychopomp,' multimedia masquerade ball 

Let "Psychopomp" lead you into the afterlife and a great night of partying with ghosts, ghouls and strobe lights.


"Psychopomp" is a Halloween party hosted by Rampage Artist Inc. that combines dancing, silent film-style performances and elaborate costumes, as well as a mythical creature who guides your soul to the afterlife safely.

Rampage Artist is a group of Oklahoma City artists that supports creatives who share their talents, director Nicole Moan said. The group incorporates artists, sculptors, painters, body painters, photographers, writers, costume designers and any other creative passion that could be considered an art. Many Rampage members are participating in Saturday's inaugural event.

The night starts with decorated psychopomps "? mythical Greek spiritual guides "? leading guests to the seven stages set up inside the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market, Moan said. The performances are short scenes from such Halloween favorites as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Frankenstein," colorfully portrayed in a Victorian-era style, complete with white faces, fancy clothing and red scarves replacing blood.

"It's really beautiful, elegant and not cheesy," she said.

The psychopomps will direct audience members' attention to different stages, which will feature staggered performance times.

In the middle of the stages is a large dance floor led by a DJ and a live band, The Psychopompadours, who will assemble a soundtrack for dancing until 2 a.m., Moan said.

Performing local DJ Ostara said she has been arranging the music for the dancing and performances for the last few weeks.

"As far as the performances go, everything that is being done with that is pieces from the period," Ostara said. "I've had to hunt up stuff to fit with what they're doing on set. Everything is classically coordinated."

Moan said the music for the stage scenes will be Sofia Coppolla-inspired, mixing contemporary music with classical. Some of the pieces chosen are from German composer Felix Mendelssohn and the movies "Elizabeth" and "Drag Me to Hell."

In addition to the dancing and the performances, there will be food, a costume contest with a $100 cash prize and local vendors who will man booths with art, crafts and other items.

Moan said the winning costume will have to demonstrate real artistry.

"We're not going to give a Twinkie or a sprig of broccoli the award," she said. "We want them to have individuality, put their look into it and think about it. I want to let you guys let your creativity out and throw some color into it."

Bryan Crump, a body painter and Rampage photographer, said black light reactive costumes are highly encouraged in order to stand out underneath them at "Psychopomp."

"(The costumes) give you an intense contrast. It's really surreal and takes it to a different world," he said.

"Psychopomp" is best compared to a masquerade ball, Crump said, and is very interactive, similar to other Rampage Artist events.

DJ Ostara said she expects a lot of people to attend because it's unique.

"As far as the event goes, I've never seen anything like this be put together before," she said. "Not too far over-the-top. It's very interesting and very stimulating to the people who will be there."

The main priority is to have fun, be safe, and have a place to go before your friend's house party, Moan said.

"It's just basically a safe, crazy, radical venue that you can come to express yourself, and wear costumes to it," she said. "It's tons of people, tons of performance and an outlet to be nuts."

Psychopomp begins at 9 p.m. Saturday at the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market, 311 S. Klein.

"?Jamie Birdwell

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