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Who cares if you can list 10 bands named for odd animals and random fruit? I sure don’t. The point is, it’s imperative you let your musical tastes reflect what makes you happy, the stuff that makes you hum along or tap your toe.

For example, I unabashedly love pop music — especially the ultra-tacky and clubby Euro-pop kind. On the other hand, I also have a deep admiration for jazz, namely modern innovators. I tend to find things I like in between those genres, too, no matter the band name or level of obscurity.

Something that always enhances the experience of my favorite albums — and we’re talking vinyl here — is the sound a needle makes when it drops on to the record to begin its journey around and around to produce my favorite tunes.

It’s a multifaceted pleasure that begins with the rare find in a secondhand record shop, and culminates in the best part: listening and enjoyment.

right Guestroom Records at 3701 N. Western

Try out these local shops to sift through a plethora of music from a host of decades and genres.

Guestroom Records (3701 N. Western; 601-3859) now has three metro locations, and all are packed of your favorite jams from yesteryear to the new Young Magic album.

At the store on Western, make sure you pay adequate attention to the shop kitty. He’s fluffy and friendly, and obviously the guard.

While you’re in the area, stop into Size Records (8915 N. Western; 607- 4805). Can’t make it in as frequently as you’d like? The store staff updates its Facebook page with new arrivals.

Keep Guestroom and Size in mind for Record Store Day on April 21. Special, limited-edition vinyl and CD releases will be available that Saturday, as well as other fun, music-related events and possible live shows.

If you are in need a starter record player or if your beloved turntable needs some work or if you’re simply a fan of jazz, you should visit Charlie at Charlie’s Jazz-Rhythm and Blues (5114 Classen Circle; 843-6902). Tucked next to the Classen Grill and across the street from Edna’s, this little shop has been jamming since the late ’80s.

Whether rock or rap, country or classical, fill up your collection with records that make you smile. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Hannah Colclazier

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