New G-spot procedure points couples in the right direction 

Having a problem hitting the target in the bedroom?

Dr. Lisa Waterman of the Central Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute, 500 E. Robinson in Norman, offers a procedure that helps couples put their finger on that elusive G-spot, which helps a woman achieve an orgasm. The procedure, called the G-Shot, is an injection of collagen that amplifies the G-spot, pulling the area into the vaginal vault by as much as 4 millimeters, making stimulation easier during sex. 

"It feels like a good quarter size in diameter and probably (is) truly a stack of five or six quarters thick," said Waterman, who trained with the creator of the G-Shot, Dr. David Matlock, in 2007. "A layperson, someone's partner, can go, 'Yeah, there it is.' It's very easy to palpate."

Waterman said the effects of the G-Shot can be felt almost instantly, although the injection is only effective about 90 percent of the time.

"Some women have noticed a heightened sense of arousal just because they're aware of that area," she said. "I think a heightened sense of arousal and better sex makes people desire it more."

Named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, who first described it in 1950, the G-spot is an area of erectile tissue "located in the middle anterior wall of the vagina under the urethra, as it courses up into the bladder itself," said Waterman, who, in addition to a full-service obstetrics and gynecology practice, also performs other elective OB/GYN-related procedures.

To put it simply: "To find it, you just have to use your middle digit, find the top of the vagina and work your way down "¦ until you feel that area of increased sensitivity from a dime size to a quarter size," Waterman said. "It will probably be roughened, almost like the roof of your mouth."

Most of Waterman's G-Shot patients are women who are married or in monogamous relationships. She will perform the procedure only on women who have healthy sex lives and who already experience climax during sex, but want to take it to the next level. Women who have never had an orgasm are not good candidates for the injection, she said.

Surprisingly, upward of 15 percent to 20 percent of women have never climaxed and never will, she said.

"So, we try to let people know they're normal, they're not broken. We try to educate them about their own body, help them maybe find their G-spot," Waterman said. "But I myself will certainly not place the G-spot if someone has never had an orgasm. It is not a good use of their time and money."

For women who have located the G-spot (or if they've already mastered the art of climaxing), Waterman is currently offering a discount on the procedure. While one injection typically costs around $1,800, she is currently offering a reduced rate of $1,500 in honor of Valentine's Day.

"More bang for your buck, so to say," she said.

Bella Vita Medical Spa is another metro site offering the G-spot enhancement procedure. "Chris Willard

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