New Year's resolution dead 

For all those Oklahomans who set a New Year's resolution goal to lose weight, we think you need to try harder.

A new report out claims Oklahoma is one of the fattest states in the country, ranking at the No. 6 spot.

"The report suggests most Oklahomans think the only good veggie is a fried veggie," according to

The report found that nearly one-third of all Oklahomans are obese. Wow, that's heavy. We have a real weighty problem here.

How could this be? It's not that citizens of this state are immune to this news. Oklahoma has been tipping the scales on this issue for the past several years. And yet we are getting fatter.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett considered the situation so dire, he put the entire city on a diet. It probably didn't help that every time he makes his diet speech on TV, listeners are munching on pastries, mashed potatoes with white gravy or cheesecake. Nothing like hearing the mayor preach about good eating habits while you're asking the person next to you if he is going to eat that last slice of delicious chocolate cake.

But the state has been no help to the mayor's cause. Ever read the official state meal? Chicken-fried steak, sausage and gravy with pecan pie. Oh yeah, the pounds are just shedding on their own.

Here's another hint at what the problem might be. Take a look at the top 10 fattest states:

1. Mississippi
2. Alabama and Tennessee
4. West Virginia
5. Louisiana
6. Oklahoma
7. Kentucky
8. Arkansas
9. South Carolina
10. North Carolina and Michigan

Other than making up a great college football conference, the list gives new meaning to the idea that the South is rising again. And the Sooner State is on its way to becoming the gridiron powerhouse of obesity.

In a serious effort to make a difference, the "Wellness Now" community health initiative is launching to address obesity and tobacco use. The Oklahoma City-County Health Department is inviting public input about health obstacles through a series of forums beginning at 6 p.m. Monday at the Choctaw Library, 2525 Muzzy. You can take an online survey or visit their site for more forum dates.

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