No tragedy at Othello’s 

Amber's chicken pepperoni
Photo by Mark Hancock

A well-kept secret is tucked away in an inconspicuous building in downtown Edmond.

Since 2000, Othello’s Italian Restaurant, One S. Broadway, has quietly served up some of the best Italian food in Edmond. It opens at 4 p.m. daily and is a great spot for a late dinner.

Despite the modest outer appearance and the rather plain black-and-white menus, the atmosphere inside the restaurant is cozy and comforting, complete with homestyle touches such as the beautiful stone fireplace.

Its candlelit dining area is the ideal setting for a calm, relaxing evening. Immediately upon entering, the aroma of authentic Italian food welcomes visitors. At times, a live opera singer and violinist serenade the restaurant with their beautiful harmonies.

Guests are treated to a warm, garlicky, cheesy loaf of bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Othello’s also showcases several other mouthwatering favorites, such as Brenda’s Bruschetta, which features homemade bread crisps topped with a tomato, garlic and basil mix.

Another noteworthy entree is Don’s Rigatoni; the pasta stuffed with cheese and Italian sausage is accentuated and balanced perfectly by the homemade marinara sauce, making it a local favorite.

Two items that stand out are the large pepperoni pizza and Amber’s Chicken Pepperoni. The former was a delicately crisp, piping-hot canvas of meat and a blend of cheeses, the latter a delectable mixture of chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and pepperonis all baked to a nice, golden crunch. The unique thing about the pepperoni found on the pizza is that it is double-fried, meaning instead of a greasy, messy pizza, diners are rewarded with a crispy treat.

Local legend has it that if you go to Othello’s enough, and if owners Bob and Tammy recognize you, you can have a menu item named after you. Just ask Lu, Jim, Scott, Rocco or many others who have eponymous entrees on the menu.

Some of the unique cuisine found only at Othello’s is Pat’s Special, a dish centered around Italian sausage and bell peppers with penne pasta tossed in a spicy red sauce, as well as Helen’s Baked Ravioli, complete with cheese-flavored pasta pockets stuffed with provolone cheese and chicken and finally topped with the house marinara sauce.

Hit some of the special nights at Othello’s. Pizzas are half price on Sundays, Mondays are martini nights and Thursdays are date nights.

Families of all ages looking for a new place to enjoy their dinner or satisfy late-night cravings can call off their search. This underground eatery has everything necessary for a good night out on the town: great food, lovely people and an enjoyable atmosphere.

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