Nuggets Food Briefs: Bacon + bourbon = love 

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Nothing motivates OKC residents to get to a party quite like bacon. Combine said meat treat with a worthy cause and you have a party that you might just have to fight to get tickets to.

The Oklahoma Pork Council has upped the ante, again, with its fourth Bacon and Bourbon dinner. The five-course meal, prepared by James Mashore, Gaillardia Country Club executive chef, will feature pork dishes paired with premium bourbons.

Roy Lee Lindsey, executive director of Oklahoma Pork Council, said in a media statement that the council wants, “bacon enthusiasts to think about pork in new and creative ways.”

The Oklahoma Pork Council is a nonprofit that supports state pork producers and educates the public about production and versatility.

Bacon and Bourbon Dinner 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21 Gaillardia Country Club 5300 Gaillardia Country Club 232-3781 $100+ Must be 21

Courses: 1. Pork belly bao with Maker’s Mark 2. Head cheese, pickled mustard seed and sauerkraut salad with Basil Hayden’s 3. 62-degree egg, bacon salad with Maker’s 46 4. Braciole, tomato reduction, roasted fennel with Baker’s 5. Bitter chocolate-dipped pork skin, pork brittle with Knob Creek

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Party at Hunt House

The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn, 9 E. Edwards St., in Edmond is a house party without the hassle, and it opens in the Spring of 2015.

Partners Steve Russell and Bryce Thompson picked the historic Hunt House named after the original owner, William H. Hunt.

The home will undergo renovations to accommodate its new life as a community gathering space, but the integrity of the historic property is a major consideration of the owners. “At this point, we are excited to get moving on something that’s been in the planning stages for as long as it has. There’s a lot to do, but as far as we’re concerned, spring can’t get here fast enough,” Russell said.

Russell and Thompson said they will highlight American craft beer on their menu.

The house’s expansive yard will include lawn games, ample seating space and a rotating roster of food trucks.

Russel said there will be a walk-up window in the house’s kitchen to serve beer.

“We have also been talking about adding a stage for live music, but that’s something for the future,” Russell said.

The project earned approval from the Edmond City Council late last month. The Hunt family moved to Edmond in 1901 and played a significant role in the establishment of Citizens Bank of Edmond. (The bank and its CEO, Jill Castilla, created Heard on Hurd, an Edmond food truck and music festival that returns in the spring.)

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Print headline: Bacon + bourbon = love, Oklahoma Pork Council presents its fourth Bacon and Bourbon fundraising dinner.

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