NY Times' writer considers what the Oklahoma City NBA team should be called 

No less than The New York Times weighed in on the name game surrounding Oklahoma City's first NBA team. In a July 29 blog post, "Freakonomics" author Stephen J. Dubner suggested that because of the metro's relatively low housing prices and conservative banking industry, Prudents might make a better name than Thunder, Energy, Wind or any of the floated monikers.

"So while the Thunder is a fine name for the old SuperSonics," he wrote, "if the city really wanted to give the team a name that means something " like the Steelers or Packers used to " maybe they should be the Oklahoma City Prudents?"

With that question posed, he closed the column, and readers answered. And, oh what answers they submitted. A sampling of the more amusing, sour-grapes comments included:

·         "I suggest the 'Disloyal Money-Chasers,' 'Whiney Primadonna Has-beens' or 'The Oklahoma Opportunists.'"

·         "In honor of their owner, Clay Bennett, and (the) way in which he procured the team " they should be called the Ok City Swindlers."

·         "My name suggestion is the 'fly-overs.' Ahem."

·         "How about the 'Bombers'? It's catchy, and has historical relevance."

·         "Prudents is also a double entendre. It also works because they are prude in Oklahoma." (CFN note: The players could wear long johns under their uniforms and the cheerleaders could don full prairie garb. We smell marketing magic!)

·         "I think (ESPN columnist) Bill Simmons has already christened them the Oklahoma City Expiring Contracts."

·         "Oklahoma City, you got a basketball team. Good for you. Be proud of that fact. Just don't get too giddy over how you hustled it. Wait, I got it! Hustlers. Yeah, that'll work just fine."

·         "How about the Oklahoma City Perjury?"

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