Obama-stickered vehicle pulled over in Oklahoma's Little Dixie 

You might want to watch it if you are driving in Southeast Oklahoma with an Obama sticker on the car. Especially near the town of Krebs.

That was a factor during an arrest of several black men by a white police officer, who used racist slurs to refer to the suspects, according to a story in the Tulsa World.

According to the story, the black men were driving a rental car through the town " just east of McAlester in the heart of "Little Dixie" country " when they had the misfortune to be pulled over for "alleged speeding" by Ryan Hutchison, a reserve Krebs police officer.

Now, we here at Chicken-Fried News have been pulled over for "alleged speeding" in the town of Krebs. But, we happened to be white, so we only got a ticket. Lucky us.

William Earl Bill, Korell Rashaud Harp and Kelvin Lamont Jackson, however, had the misfortune of being black on a Friday night in Little Dixie, so their luck was different.          

According to the story, Hutchison approached the car, and, with the dash cam rolling and collecting both audio and video, started talking with the occupants. He then returned to the police car and talked to a fellow occupant who was not seen on camera.

Let's just say he didn't use language his mama would appreciate.

"This smells funny," Hutchison is heard saying. "F-----g n-----s in a rental car and ain't none of them on the rental agreement. I'll call the f-----g rental company and make them all walk. If you ain't on the rental agreement you ain't supposed to drive the car."

He's a regular Inspector Clouseau.

Also on the video, Hutchison can be heard observing with wily insight, "(They) got a damn Obama sticker on the back window."

According to the story, the video came to the attention of the Tulsa World, and Officer Hutchison " a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)-certified reserve police officer " resigned.

And the arrestees? Well, according to the story, they allegedly had fake licenses and a stack of counterfeit checks. Records show the three were allegedly going to cash the checks at various banks using the fake licenses.

"We comprehensively reviewed the evidence in the case, and we dismissed federal charges in deference to an appropriate state court disposition," U.S. Attorney Sheldon Sperling said. "I would respectfully submit that this outcome is consistent with our oath and obligation to use common sense and discernment."

Assistant Federal Defender Rob Ridenour said the incident may point to racial profiling.

"I'm an Okie and a redneck, but I am ashamed that in this day and age that these guys knowing they are cops and knowing they are being taped and they would say things like that," Ridenour said. "The comments are wrong and unacceptable."

Although federal charges were thrown out, the men did plead guilty to possession of illegal identification and were given unsupervised probation, the story said.

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