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I just re-read Lauren Zuniga's excellent "Poem to progressives plotting mass exodus" (Letters, Nov. 17, Gazette) for the fifth or sixth time. I cried the first few times I read it.

Zuniga eloquently expressed the frustration and anger I am feeling and offered an alternative for those of us who are so depressed about the midterm elections. Many of us were born here, have lived here all our lives, have businesses and families here. We aren't going anywhere. I am sending copies of it to all my relatives in California and Oregon who keep asking me how I can stand to live here.

One of the intrinsic values of Democrats is an attitude of tolerance. That characteristic is often our undoing. We just expect everyone to get along and be as nonjudgmental and accepting of others as we aspire to be. We keep being blindsided and puzzled by all those people who don't think like we do " who want to dictate exactly how we should be born and die and everything in-between. We can't understand how so many voters can keep electing politicians who really don't have the best interests of our people and our planet in their plans.

It would be so convenient if all the blue people could live in one half of the country and the red half in the other. Maybe there could be a skinny gray streak down the middle for the fence-sitters. But Lauren is right. We all must live next door to each other and get along somehow.

So I'll take her advice and try to "do something with "¦ that broken heart" and "that liberal mouth." Maybe I can stop wanting to leave. Just don't ask me to kiss a Republican yet.

"Lynn Garman

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