OKC-area hypnotists provide treadmill alternative 

Karen Massey has a lot of "war stories" when it comes to dieting. As the community nutrition coordinator with Integris Health, Massey has seen it all. There was the guy that went overboard with walking, going until his feet were covered in blisters, or the folks who load up on diuretics or adhere to crazy diet schemes in the attempt to shed the pounds.


Massey works with Integris initiatives to teach classes, give lectures and lead in-service education for community groups. She's been a dietitian for 25 years and with Integris since 1990.

"Weight control is a lifelong venture," Massey said. "(It's) a matter of choosing a variety of mostly wholesome foods, but not being so rigid that you cannot enjoy life."

Of course, being healthy isn't just about eating right. "Healthy people must also be active."

So, that miracle diet that simply melts fat as you laze on the couch watching TV? Nope, said Massey, won't work.

"There's so much misinformation out there. Eating a grapefruit with every meal will only 'work' if doing so keeps you from eating too much of something else," she said. "There's nothing magic about it."

The weight loss industry, Massey said, is "inundated with fraud and quackery."

But that doesn't mean there aren't some alternative methods that, when combined with eating right and getting off the couch, can help people find their healthy weight and stay there. She admits that one thing that leads to overeating " stress " can be helped with the relaxation than comes from yoga, deep breathing exercises and massage.

Alternative weight loss tactics can be found around the metro. But keep in mind what Massey said: Nothing is "magic." And we probably don't need to remind you, but as fabulously cool and attractive as we are here at Oklahoma Gazette, we are neither medical doctors nor dietitians.

Manager Sara Alavi said 3rd Street Yoga Studio is kicking off the new year with a weight-loss workshop Jan. 16 and 17 that will address the concept of emotional overeating.

Yoga and meditation will be joined by the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, which was developed in the '90s by Gary Craig and adheres to the idea that getting rid of emotional baggage can lead to physical results. The technique involves meditation and tapping on certain pressure points of the body.

3rd Street offers a weekly weight-loss yoga class that Alavi said is a small group, so people feel comfortable with each other.

Meditation and talking with others in the group is a big part of the class, as well as deep stretches. If someone is completely new to yoga, he or she can also attend a basic introduction to yoga class, scheduled this month on Saturday.

Patrick Coleman, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, offers weight-loss hypnotism at Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic, a business his father started in 1977. In a single, two- to three-hour session, he teaches the client about self-hypnosis and then works to change the behaviors that cause overeating.

The hypnotism " which is not technically sleeping, but being extremely relaxed with heightened senses " can either be suggestive or regression. Suggestive hypnotism is more common and involves the client simply listening. Regression, on the other hand, involves role playing and talking back and forth. However, Coleman said, "you have to let them figure it out themselves as best as you can."

The average client usually needs just one session, although some come back for a refresher six months to a year later. The session also includes a 15-minute weight-control CD to keep the client on track. "Jenny Coon Peterson

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