OKC attorney's Whataburger visit goes awry 

Poor Lewis Moon. After a late-night attempt to score some tasty Whataburger went awry, the attorney flashed his "eagle badge" but did not avoid arrest recently, according to a story that ran in The Oklahoman.

Moon and public defender David James Bedford were arrested in Warr Acres after a Whataburger employee alerted cops that the driver of a Cadillac Escalade seemed to be a bit inebriated. Eyewitnesses reported the men driving the wrong way through the drive-through, according to The Oke.

When cops arrived on the scene, Moon claimed he was a deputy and proceeded to flash his Oklahoma County Sheriff's office "eagle badge," a keepsake more than an actual law enforcement badge, according to Oklahoma County sheriff's spokesman Mark Myers.

CFN remembers when our intern, Bucky, once tried to fly a plane " and rightly so in our opinion " after securing a highly coveted and rare set of wings on a budget flight to Panama City, Fla.

After being "taken down," according to Warr Acres Police Sgt. Alan Davidofsky, Moon spit in an officer's face. The police, according to The Oke, took him to jail without passing "Go."

Unfortunately for Moon, they did not, as he so vehemently requested, take him directly "to County," as witnessed on the police surveillance video, so he decided to employ a different gentleman's tactic.

"While they were here, Moon was dropping names of judges and threatening to sue everyone. Then, comments were made about tracking down the clerks who called him in," Davidofsky told The Oke.

We can hardly blame him. During Bucky's latest arrest, he proclaimed that John Larroquette was on the case and, if the cops didn't get him ice for his boo-boo and take him to the requested jail, they'd be facing down a disappointed Harry Anderson.

Moon was booked on complaints of impersonating an officer, having actual physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated and resisting arrest, Davidofsky told The Oke. He was released after posting bail. No word on whether his Whataburger desire has yet to be sated.

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