OKC bachelorette party produces colorful police report 

You know you're ready to walk down the aisle when you are bashed in the face and the cops are called to your bachelorette party.

At least that seems to have been the case recently when, according to The Oklahoman, just such a fight broke out.

According to a series of stories, the bachelorette party was taking place at Club Rodeo on S. Meridian, where the bride-to-be and her ladies-in-waiting were out whooping it up. According to the account with the police, a group of men approached the ladies, whereupon the bride and her maids declined the advances, according to the story.

That's where things get interesting. A woman who was not with the bridal party approached them and, according to the account, began "pushing around" some of them.

As things heated up, a man stepped in among the marriage-minded women, grabbed a 27-year-old and shoved her face into the wall, the story states.

Now, that's what we at CFN call a par-tay.

Anyway, as things started flying, the bachelorette reported she also got punched in the face, another got a beer bottle whacked upside her head, and a few other scrapes and lacerations were had by all. 

Finally, the hoedown ceased and some of the non-marrying-types made a hasty retreat. One man was arrested " and you shoulda seen the mugshot. Big 'ol gash on his face, blood, all that theatrical stuff. However, as the investigation wore on, the man was later released with no assault charges against him.

Meanwhile, the bride-to-be left for Hawaii to finish the other half of the ritual " the wedding. When contacted there, according to the story, the woman insisted the original arrestee was the man who did it.

"There is no mistake in my mind who grabbed me and caused a concussion," she told The Oke. "I am getting an attorney, and that is all I have to say."

An attorney for the man claimed it was "a case of mistaken identity."

"He did not throw any beer bottles," the lawyer said of his client. "(He) did not touch anyone in that bachelorette party."

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