OKC women escalate April Fool's pranks 

Two female pranksters an OKC seafood restaurant took a joke too far " and then even farther " according to a video and news story posted locally.

According to the Web site of The Oklahoman, Samantha Foytlin, owner of Bob's Fish and Seafood, and co-worker Sherry Hickey called friends and family members, joking that each had committed a number of violent crimes, including killing some family members.

April Fools'!

Ha ha "¦ ha? Isn't that funny?

Yeah, well, according to the story, the pranks were kicked off by Hickey, who apparently made the first calls after coming into work.

"I called my husband first, and told him that my stepson's car was burning in the parking lot," Hickey said.

According to the article, Hickey was slapping the table and giggling as she recounted the escapade. Then it got ratcheted up a bit.

"We called my daughter, and told her that I shot my husband and he was in the back of the store bleeding," she said.

Apparently buoyed with mirth at this, Foytlin had Hickey call a friend and tell him she'd shot her husband.

"I called him and said, 'She's crazy. She just shot him,'" Hickey said, reportedly laughing, according to the story. "He said, 'Is it serious?' Then I said, 'Yeah, she shot him in the stomach.'"

To really clinch it, according to the story, Foytlin then stormed over to the phone and screamed at Hickey.

"Didn't I tell you to get off that phone or you'll be next?" Foytlin yelled, according to the story.

"(The police) were pretty upset when they got here," Foytlin said. "I think they were really mad because we were still laughing about it, but we told them we didn't call 911. It was just a prank call, but it wasn't supposed to be a prank on police."

According to a police spokeswoman, the two were not ticketed or arrested because the friend had called a number other than 911. Technically, the law was not broken.

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