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Though plenty of state lawmakers have made it challenging at times, there is a lot to love about Oklahoma. But just how much do you love our state? Is there any way you can prove that love? Aside from naming your next child Guthrie or Henryetta, one way to show your appreciation for the saucepan-shaped domain is with a loyal purchase of a state-themed shirt or household doodad. The following is a list of stops that should be on every Okie collector’s list.


DNA Galleries

1709 NW 16th St.



It does not seem to matter whether one has moved away from the state or the length of time spent here — those who were born in Oklahoma don’t just have the state on their birth certificate, but in their very genetic makeup. Of course, who could understand that more than DNA Galleries? For those very recently born into the Sooner State, one of DNA’s “Made in OK” onesies would be more than appropriate. The shop also sells a set of Oklahoma-branded wood coasters, because if Oklahoma stands for anything, it is certainly ring-free tabletops.

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Blue Seven

7518 N. May Ave.



Blue Seven has long had the backs of local designers and makers — so much so that it opened up its JustOK space for Okie vendors. A trip to the May Avenue storefront will lead you to a wide variety of shirts, hats and patches adorned with the classic Oklahoma shield. But apparel is not the only thing to which Okie-geared shoppers have to look forward. The popular Oklahoma-branded silver water bottle is an item local collectors should covet, with its colorful homages to Oklahoma towns and the many things that have made our state great through the years, from humorist Wiley Post to delectable Rush Springs watermelon.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s The Museum Store

1700 NE 63rd St.


405-478-2250 ext. 228

It seems everyone is hopping on the Oklahoma apparel bandwagon these days, which is great, because the more the better. But not much of what is out there fully embraces the state’s Western roots. That is why the gift center at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is such a great option for locally themed gear. The store has several books and other materials great for brushing up on the state’s rustic history. Several shirts in stock give shoutouts to Oklahoma while also acknowledging the area’s cowboy and Native American backgrounds.


Lush Fashion Lounge

14101 N. May Ave.



Sometimes we need our dose of Oklahoma with a hint of femininity. Lush Fashion Lounge is a boutique primarily geared toward women. It offers a wide selection of tops and sweaters to choose from, including Sooner, Cowboy and Thunder varieties. But there are other items shoppers can pick from, too. Take, for example, the grassy green Oklahoma-shaped mat (though, if they wanted it to be more accurate, perhaps they should have gone with a dead summer yellow). Lush also sells reasonably priced tote bags fashioning everyone’s favorite state bird, the scissortail flycatcher.

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The Okay See

1205 SW Second St.



Those who hail from these parts often feel natural while greeting people — even folks they don’t know — with a warm and welcoming “Howdy!” While such an exclamation might get you strange looks from those Yankees on the East Coast, it will earn you instant credibility here on the pleasant prairie. With a visit to The Okay See, any Okie could leave with that friendliness proudly worn on their sleeve — or in this case, the chest. The Howdy tee technically does not have Oklahoma anywhere on the shirt, but nothing epitomizes the state more.

Oklahoma Shirt Company

26 NE 10th St.



Oklahoma apparel and potato chips have something in common — it is very hard to stop at just one. That is why it is a really good idea for Okie fashion enthusiasts to sign up for Oklahoma Shirt Company’s Shirt of the Month Club. At just $10 each month, an incredible bargain for a shirt, the local screenprinter mails a fresh new design straight to the customer. This is a great plan for those looking for the most effective ways to build up their state shirt collection or Russell Westbrook types who like showing off their outfit one time before donating it to charity

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