Oklahoma City diner owner shares economic predictors with New York Times 

Cancel your subscription to the Wall Street Journal, America.


Forget watching stocks and bonds.


When it comes to leading economic indicators, all you have to do is sidle up to a table in Sherri's Diner, 704 S.W. 59th, in Oklahoma City.


Annie Cox and her eatery made the front page of The New York Times biz section Sept. 14, including a large, full-color photograph of Cox carting a tray of icing-doused cinnamon rolls. Move over, Federal Reserve: Seems beverage sales at the diner have become a portent of things financial to come.


"When Annie Cox is unsure if the economy is headed south " a question on the minds of many on Wall Street and Main Street these days " she keeps an eye on the orders for beverages," Vikas Bajaj and Jeremy W. Peters' story opens.


Cox has seen a slight decrease in customers' drink orders, the newspaper reported, which may herald a slowing of business in future months.


"When they start ordering water instead of tea of Pepsi, that means they're cutting back," she told the Times.


The restaurateur (yeah, we had to look up that word) may be on to something " the story reports the growth of consumer spending has slowed recently, businesses reduced jobs in August and payroll gains have decreased.


But, we're guessing Cox has the recipe for success, come what may, considering the Fifties-style, family-owned diner has been in biz for 20 years. Did we mention handed-down recipes and pancakes?


Excuse us while we make a lunch run.


In the meantime, we at CFN just have one question: If we're on a downturn, when is the "there'll be a cinnamon roll in every hand" proclamation? Sign us up, Sherri's!

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