Oklahoma City officially names its NBA basketball team 

Well, it's official: The worst-kept secret in all of human history has finally been revealed. Our new NBA team will be called the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to an Associated Press story.

To thunderous applause (hee-hee), team Chairman Clay Bennett addressed the assembled crowd that had gathered in downtown's Leadership Square to hear the obvious. (This same group may be interested in Chicken Fried News' exciting announcement later today that money doesn't grow on trees and you could poke your eye out if you run with those scissors.)

Besides the name, the team's new logo and colors were unveiled. Of course, those had been leaked as well. According to the AP, Bennett said the blue matches the color of the state flag to make sure everyone in Oklahoma feels included, while the reddish-orange represents a sunset. Notice it is neither red, nor orange " don't want the fans of certain universities to get into a tizzy.

So, where does the name "Thunder" come from? Is Bennett just a big fan of Okie native Garth Brooks?

"There's just all kinds of good thunder images and thoughts, and the in-game experience of Thunder," Bennett said, according to the story. "Just here was a good sense of how that evokes emotion. It's very powerful."

OK, OK, we're with you there. Loud noise equals scary and powerful, but still kind of alluring (hey, maybe they should see if Fabio is available to play "Mr. Thunder").

Here's where the thunder references go a bit far. According to the AP story, team officials are also hoping lightning's buddy will also become synonymous with "qualities of character, perseverance, selflessness, community and winning." Erm "¦ yeah, sure. Thunder will get right on that after it's done rumbling and signaling storms.

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