Oklahoma City woman's blog generates police's interest in murder case 

It's not every day that a suspect involved in a murder case will tell all on her Web site.

Until just recently, anyone who wanted to log in could judge for themselves. According to police, Terri Rehm, a wannabe model, is allegedly involved with several others in the murder of an Oklahoma City man.

Well, it just so happens the young lady, 23, also poured her heart out on her MySpace blog " an ongoing saga of her love life, struggles to make ends meet, and her battle with drugs.

Complete with a number of ooh-la-la pictures of her in bikinis and other modeling accouterment, Rehm appears to have disclosed " with interesting spelling and punctuation " that she was, indeed, at the scene of the murder of a man police later identified as Richard Tucker, whom Rehm describes in the blog as her "friend."

According to police, Rehm was present in Tucker's home late at night when the murder occurred, and saw "at least two masked men" enter the residence. While one held the witnesses at gunpoint, another entered the bedroom and everyone heard a shot. Tucker was later found bleeding on the bed, and died.

Rehm, according to police, said she escaped out the front door. A blog later appeared about her alleged part in the incident (the creative spelling and punctuation is hers):

"im in a bad point in my life right now, and im scared to death. my friend was murdered and im one of the witness's," Rehm's blog states. "tomorrow morning im going to turn myself in cuz they issued a warrent out for my arrest, cuz i was to scared to go talk to the detectives by myself again without a lawyer. i know im going to be in jail for a minute and trust me this is not a easy thing for me to do. i hate that im involved in this shit, and you know its all got to do with drugs, if i had not been where i was buying drugs then i would not be involved at all."

But how involved was Rehm? The police affidavit alleges a stronger involvement.

"Rehm admitted to being in the house when the suspects had entered," the affidavit states. "She admitted she did make phone calls to a female friend while she was in Tucker's residence. Rehm denied having any involvement in the incident."

And yet, the affidavit states, "Detectives were told Rehm was involved in the plan to rob Tucker."

Along with Jesse Dean Sattarella, 21, James Elton McCandless, 24, and Bradley Scott Sanders, 25, Rehm was in custody last week at the Oklahoma County jail on charges of first-degree murder.

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