Oklahoma county tries to find potential drug dog a new home 

Eddie would like to be man's best friend, but it appears some of the men in Coal County don't want Eddie as a friend.


According to a story in the Ada Evening News, Eddie was obtained by the Coal County sheriff's office more than a year ago to be a law enforcement drug dog. But, it seems while having a drug dog is nice, nobody actually wants to have to feed and take care of Eddie. Coal County Sheriff Roy Deck asked the county commission board to decide what to do with the dog since it is county property.


But, the commissioners took no action, the newspaper reported. In fact, one commissioner said the dog is the property of the sheriff's office.


Deck said Eddie was passed around from place to place due to a "lack of interest" by other officers. Eddie was taken in by Stonewall Police Chief Jason Teel until the chief left the department. At one point, a Coal County resident took the dog in until Deck picked up Eddie.


CFN intern Bucky remembers when his mother told him "don't get a dog unless you can take care of it." Even Bucky knew better and took up catfish noodling, instead.


Deck sent a letter to the county commissioners asking them to settle the matter. Among their suggestions: giving the dog to another county or selling him through sealed bids. Wonder how the state's competitive bidding process works with canines?


The problem for Deck, he said, is while he would like to keep Eddie, he doesn't have the time to train and get Eddie certified as a drug dog. Dogs have to be certified to sniff drugs? Bet some of the county jail inmates could do it a lot cheaper.


Deck told the newspaper he is preparing to take Eddie back and go through the legal steps to find the pooch a home. Yes, Eddie should feel right at home after all the love he has received. Good thing dogs like toilet water.        

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