Oklahoma delegates plan Will Rogers for President campaign 

CFN thought about nominating Bucky to cover the Democratic National Convention. After we googled Denver and found the Flying Dog Brewery in close proximity, we abruptly withdrew our endorsement.

Speaking of endorsements, Gov. Brad Henry announced a "Will Rogers for President Day" Aug. 25 during the Democratic National Convention, Editor & Publisher reports.

Huh? We're not brain surgeons, didn't Oklahoma's favorite son die in a plane crash in 1935?

 According to the Will Rogers Memorial Museums, Hillary Clinton delegate Laura Boyd and Barack Obama delegate Johanna Best were floor leaders in Denver for the Will Rogers Caucus. (Here's a shameless plug: View Boyd's convention blogs at okgazette.com/blogs.) The caucus, which planned to introduce Oklahoma City University's Tim Mauldin and Norman veterinarian Joe Carter as delegates, was formed to maintain Will's witty and wise take on politics.

"Will Rogers is America's premier political humorist, commentator and convention analyst," Carter said, according to the museum. "He is one of Oklahoma's best known Democrats, though, of course, he indicated that he belonged to no organized political party."

It so happens 2008 marks the 80th anniversary of Will's presidential quest, which was spearheaded by Life Magazine. E&P reports Rogers also was nominated to be commander in chief at the 1932 convention.

"We know Oklahoma's delegation is united and shares a common love for Will," Carter said. "The platform of the Will Rogers Caucus seeks to inform the public and our fellow delegates of Will's timeless ideas," Mauldin added, according to the museum.

That doesn't keep partisans from debating what the heck Will meant. Decades after his death, scholars were still arguing about his words.

"I would say that Rogers is a Rorschach test into which people bring many points of view and they often end up finding them," Peter C. Rollins, Regents professor of English and American/film studies at Oklahoma State University, told Oklahoma Gazette in 2005. "And that's the virtue of him. That's why he's worth reprinting. That's why he's worth restudying.

"Every generation will have a different Will Rogers. And so the debate is not something that's going to end with an answer or a conclusion. It's a debate that will be ongoing. And there will be new voices and new perspectives."

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