Oklahoma governor, Democrats work on their relationship 

Like in a broken marriage, where the partners need their best friend to run messages back and forth, Gov. Brad Henry and the Senate Democrats appear ready to fight over who gets the car and who gets the dog.


The past few weeks have seen the two sides squabbling over everything from money to communicating. All of this because neither will walk down the hall and knock on a door.


It started when legislative leaders unveiled a budget proposal and proclaimed it a bipartisan effort solving everyone's difficulties. There was just one little problem hanging out: the governor, who was on vacation that week. He does have to sign off on the proposal, you know, so he might want to hang out with the gang before they decide what pizza to order.


While Henry was catching waves and rubbing suntan lotion on his wife's back, members of the Legislature decided who gets what with the state's money. They proclaimed their newfound love as the leader of the Senate Democrats, Sen. Mike Morgan, glowed with his new "trophy wives" in the Legislature.


This will not stand, exclaimed a scorned governor, and he vetoed their work. He wants everyone to come down to his office, sit at his table and drink from the same wineglass. The Legislature wanted to know what was on the menu for the evening before following the gov into his room. Henry said, you already know what I want, but lady Legislature said, we'll have none of that, now.


So, now legislative leaders are sending little notes to the governor with spending bills attached. Henry wants an entourage escorting the notes so that he personally may thank those writing them. Not happening. Morgan and his new best friends think running love notes through the press will get the job done.


The public must just sit back and think: Is it possible for someone to just walk down a flight of stairs and knock on the door?

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