Oklahoma lawmaker talks about plotting diabolical forces 

State Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, who spoke alongside Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, and Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, at a January John Birch Society summit in downtown Oklahoma City, gained notoriety recently for his bill to erect a monument to the Ten Commandments on the state Capitol grounds.


Ritze spoke to Oklahoma Gazette at the Oklahoma History Center Feb. 25 during a press conference rolling out the state House's plan for lawsuit reform. He restated his belief in an ancient conspiracy taking over the world. Ritze calls the conspiracy "the synthesis."

OKG: I attended your talk the other night at "Clouds Over America." It was fascinating. "¦ How much of that do you buy? The international conspiracy, that sort of stuff?

Ritze: I studied it for nearly 30 years, and I am convinced there are individuals and organizations that don't care about the sovereignty of our country. Basically, it's all about money and power, and I think there are some diabolical issues there too. The evidence is so convincing, and I'm a hard sell. I read and read and read a long time before it convinced me, but that's just my nature.

FDR said one time that nothing in politics happens by accident. It's all calculated, planned. You start looking at the same players, historically going back in time, coming to the New World. It's just a makeover. It's the same modus operandi " power, money, corruption, and maybe something evil going on.

Now, whether there are smoke-filled rooms going on, I don't know. But it doesn't have to be. It could be "¦ well, we know there is an illegal Mafia. Well, there's also a legal Mafia. People who want to control everything and may be in cahoots with each other, too.

There's a good series by Dr. Anthony Sutton at the Hoover (Institution) at Stanford. It's a quick read, a four-part series called "The Order "¦" It basically outlines the Old World, the New World, puts it all together, the different individuals and groups, and ties in everybody, even the people at Yale who started the Skull and Bones group.

OKG: Oh, yeah. Skull and Bones. They're an interesting bunch.

Ritze: Basically, what they did is they started a "thesis," which is the good guys. And then they invented the bad guys, the "antithesis" to be the bad guys or the opposite, and then they always have to have both of those to keep people's minds and line of sight away from what they are doing, because they are the "synthesis," and are behind the scenes, picking up the pieces. If you kind of watch their M.O., in my lifetime that's what I've seen.

You've always got to have somebody "¦ a Mussolini, a Hitler, or Stalin, or somebody "¦ and now it's Saddam Hussein "¦ and it's always somebody you've got to be fighting. And who makes the most for that? Those people. Especially in the armaments of war. Then they gain by destroying our economic basis of free enterprise. There's always a war. There are 132 countries we have troops in. A number are always out propagating a little brushfire war. Then you look at who's making money off of this.

: I got to admit, I do look at that. When I started looking at Iraq, there were exclusive, total, no-bid contracts with Halliburton. "¦ I thought, "Hey, wait a minute." They were selling gasoline to our own troops for $2 more a gallon than they could buy it in country.

Ritze: Smells like a rat, doesn't it?

OKG: Then, when things started going south in the war, they moved their headquarters to Dubai. So it was hard for me to not to buy that there was something kin to a conspiracy there.

Ritze: Yeah, yeah. Right.

OKG: The stuff where I have a problem believing is the whole Bavarian Illuminati thing. An ancient conspiracy that goes from them to the Italian revolution, to Karl Marx "¦ I don't know, I don't think I believe it. For instance, I know a lot of Masons, and they are very anti-communist.

Ritze: I've never seen that in Masonry, and I've been a Mason since I was 21. But you have to understand the conspiracy is in everything. It's not Masonry's fault, it's not the fault of any particular organization. They diversify themselves in the clergy, business, industry, medicine and all they have to do is have a few key players to control them. And basically, that's what I've seen. I've never seen anything in Masonry. I'm not denying there are a few in Masonry that are rotten to the core, but I've not seen any that are diabolical or conspiratorial.

OKG: Yeah, a bunch of guys in Lodge don't get together and say, "Let's go take over Estonia. Today, or tomorrow?" It doesn't happen.

Ritze: Remember the thesis. They go create the antithesis by starting a fire, starting a fight. Then follow, full circle, who's behind them, gaining from it? "Ben Fenwick

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