Oklahoma legislator tries to pass bill to make English official state language 

Zut alors! Que pasa? Danke?


Better get your favorite non-English phrases out of your system now, particularly if you're working in Oklahoma government or hoping to receive materials from said institution.


Recent stories reported state Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson, R-OklahomaCity, is filing a bill that would make English the official language of Oklahoma.


The bill mandates that local governments and state agencies couldn't be forced to provide written materials or documents in languages other than English, according to a story by The Associated Press. CFN guesses there must be some menacing types out there with big sticks arguing for everything to be written in "¦ pig latin.


"It's a statement that we are one people under one language, particularly in areas of government," Wilcoxson said, in another AP story. Her purpose behind filing the bill is to "promote unity" and allow agency leaders to make the decision about whether to provide materials in languages other than English, the story said.


H-oay, the rony-iay. CFN can't wait to see how this promotes unity. Opponents of the bill claim it could "act as a barrier to people seeking government services," the AP reported. Some 300 requests a month go to the Department of Human Services for language assistance " primarily in Spanish, according to the story.


Before Bucky gets his pants all in a wad, even Wilcoxson noted the bill is really only a bit of lip service: "The actual impact of it will be minimal, but it will make a statement," she said, AP reported.


The only statement Bucky has for that, then, is: Que point?

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