Oklahoma man fails in attempt to break blowing records 

There was so much hot air inside the Muskogee High School gymnasium that even the yappers at the state Capitol would be impressed.

Brian Jackson, a 44-year-old motivational speaker, attempted to break a couple of world records using his mouth. The first was to blow up a weather balloon much longer than his frame, and the other to heave a golf ball the farthest using his breath. A true inspiration to children with excessive wind pipes all over the world. Windbags unite!

The motivation for Jackson's attempt at planet stardom came from the Canadian television show "TV Made Me Do It," according to a story in the Muskogee Phoenix. A crew from the show was on site videotaping this historic moment.

Would Jackson succeed at his attempt for immortality, at least until the next blowhard decides his lungs are worthy? Will the name Brian Jackson be placed alongside other great Oklahomans with world records like gymnast Shannon Miller and country legend Garth Brooks?

That would be a "no."

The Phoenix reported that after 42 minutes of huffing and puffing, Jackson managed to inflate the balloon to a size lengthier than his skeleton, but still short of the world record.

Still, it made for quite an eventful day in Muskogee. Helping to root Jackson on was the high school cheerleading squad, as well as Native American flute player John Timothy who played toots and whistles of "Amazing Grace," according to the story.

What better way to break world records using the lungs than to the sounds of a popular funeral hymn?

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