Oklahoma model/host Olivia Munn releases an autobiography 

So Oklahoma's own Olivia Munn is writing a book. Who's Olivia Munn, you ask?

Pull your teenager away from his "Space Invaders" or "Yars' Revenge" or whatever video game these kids today play, and he'll fill you in. Most likely after he drools. She's the photogenic model, lad-mag mainstay and occasional actress who's best-known as host of the G4 cable series "Attack of the Show!," which covers gaming culture. Apparently, this is enough to land you a book deal these days, and Munn's autobiography/essay collection will hit the shelves on July 6, 2010.

She's titled her opus "Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek." (We're not sure how anyone who's ever graced the cover of Playboy magazine in a wet bikini even remotely qualifies as a geek.)

In the current all-Olivia issue of periodical MYMAG, which contains lots of lots of a scantily clad Munn, there are also some words. These words feature Munn announcing the impending release of "Suck It." (While we're at it, suck what, exactly?) CFN now presents that paragraph, which we've annotated with footnotes:

"I just wrote my first book, which I am very excited about.1 I call it a kind of David Sedaris type book2 with just a collection of funny stories from my life from getting my first agent in Hollywood3, which I think is an interesting story.4 It actually ends with me staring at a collage of his girlfriend's vagina,5 that's true....to jumping into pies for the amusement of fans6 to dressing up as a super hero, Wonder Woman being one of them7. Um, to just other things in my life like my 8th grade boyfriend who had Tourette's8 and how much fun that was. Anyways, I'm very proud of my book.9"

1If you're that excited, an exclamation point would be appropriate.
2You're not gay, are you?!?
3Um, "funny"?
4"Interesting"? What happened to "funny"? Pick, girl, pick!
5CFN is pro-vagina, but we'll file that one under "hella disturbing," not "funny."
6"Exploitative," not "funny."
7Again, not "funny," especially when you consider what fans do with such photos.
8Tourette's isn't f*@$ng "funny," b!#@$!
9And of that, we're glad. We just hope it turns out to be "funny." And that you have an editor who cleans up your atrocious punctuation.

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