Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame welcomes Carrie, shuns Garth 

Place another trophy in the Carrie Underwood success bag. Underwood will be elected to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame!

We're not trying to make fun of Carrie Okie. She has been nothing but gold since winning the "American Idol" contest back in 2005. Numerous awards, hit songs and fortune have rolled her way, and deservedly so. She clearly marked her claim as one of Oklahoma's greatest entertainers ever, and in just five years. Plus, she shore is purty!

What peaked CFN's curiosity was a visit to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Web site and a glance at the list of hall of famers. This is where it gets interesting.

If you were given a list of inductees in the OMHF, which one would seem to be on the outside looking in?

Gene Autry Garth Brooks Roy Clark Color Me Badd Vince Gill

If you guessed Color Me Badd, we have bad news for you, mi amor. The correct answer is Garth Brooks. Yes, one of the greatest music stars of all time " and the only solo artist to sell more records than Elvis Presley " has yet to make it into his own state's honor museum. But a group known for one song about "sexing you up" is in?

It is also of note that maybe the greatest female country music artist, Reba McEntire, is missing from the hall. But ringtone king party rockers Hinder made it?

The process for induction involves a nomination from either the hall's board of directors, members or previous inductees. Then a committee is formed to vote on the nominations.

This group somehow skipped over Reba and Garth, but found room in the hall for The All American Rejects? Maybe it would help if they performed.

"It's a requirement that (inductees) be here during the induction, but we're flexible," Tracy Blair, Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame board of directors, told CFN.

"We would be very excited to have Reba and Garth as members of the OMHF and the offers have been extended, but it's been a difficult process. We've been told the timing isn't right."

CFN is also lobbying for the induction of Chris Gaines.

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