Oklahoma native The Flaming Lips debut album on 'The Colbert Report' 

Oklahoma's own The Flaming Lips have a new album out, and what better way to promote the album than by appearing on a mock conservative talk show? Of course, it's one of the coolest shows on television.

"The Colbert Report," hosted by Stephen Colbert, is well-known for its right-wing political satire " the perfect venue for a rock band not exactly known for having conservative-leaning tendencies. Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne first sat down with Colbert for a one-on-one interview that was a strange as some of the Lips' music.

Colbert started the conversation about the band's new album "Embryonic."

"The obvious question is in your opinion when does life begin on this album?" Colbert inquired. "I say track one."

Throughout the interview, Coyne seemed at times in awe of the popular Colbert. The host also brought up the issue which generated national interest this past spring when the state formally adopted the Lips' song "Do You Realize??" as the official state rock song. Controversy erupted when the state House of Representatives, led by Republicans, voted down the state song resolution, which had received overwhelming support from the public in an online survey. Gov. Brad Henry had to step in and save the honor with an executive order.

Republicans were upset about Lips guitarist Michael Ivins wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a Communist symbol while visiting with lawmakers at the state Capitol, even though some of those Republican lawmakers who voted against the song had no problem having their photo taken with Ivins and his shirt.

True to form, when the band played "Convinced of the Hex" from the new album on Colbert's show, Ivins was sporting another Communist symbol shirt. Even the mock conservative Colbert himself just let the band play on.

In another bit of Lips-related news, The Oregonian reports the band put out an APB for nekkid cyclists to participate in a video to be shot today around Mount Tabor in Portland, Ore.

Coyne said the idea came from the ending of the musical "Hair," which happens to feature an Oklahoma draftee as one of its characters.

"You know how it's a bunch of freaked-out naked people climbing some mountain with blood and fire and finding some new civilization there " so I thought of Portland, right?" Coyne told BikePortland.org.

The video is for "Watching the Planets," the closing track of the new "Embryonic" album.

"There's a difference between pornography and just freaks who are naked," Coyne told BikePortland.org. "This is about unrestricted freedom and a good lawlessness that's always sort of implied at our shows.

"Maybe I'll even get naked for the video, too. I don't even know how it ends " maybe it ends with them all getting clothed and making me get naked and shoving me back into the giant fur egg. I just came up with that right now."

Despite the possibility of saddle sores, CFN's intern Bucky is making the trek to the Great Northwest on his Schwinn. We urged him not to go commando during the considerable commute, but he's been wanting to bike au naturale ever since Queen did a promotional video back in 1978 for "Bicycle Race" with bare, naked ladies.

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