Oklahoma native Toby Keith escapes gunfire during USO performance in Afghanistan 

Maybe members of the Taliban are worried that the potency of Willie Nelson's pot is stronger than their opium.

Mortar fire disrupted a United Service Organizations concert in the middle of a Toby Keith number in the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar, formerly a stronghold of the Taliban, according to a recent entertainment story in The Oklahoman.

According to the report, as Keith was laying into a fave with the troops " "Weed with Willie," a song about the potency of the redheaded stranger's bud " a mortar round came whistling in and interrupted the song.

Keith, 46, proved he was as good once as he ever was in the 100-yard dash to the bunker, where, along with 2,500 other soldiers, he waited out the incoming, the story said.

According to The Oke, Keith and the soldiers hunkered down for about an hour in the bunker, with the singer-songwriter posing for pics and signing autographs.

When the "all-clear" was given, Keith retook the stage with minimal (none) casualties and finished the song right where he left off, Curt Motley, Keith's booking agent, told the newspaper.

"He went right to the verse he was in and finished his show," said Motley.

Keith then went on tour to Iraq, where he got stranded in Camp Fallujah by a sandstorm, the story noted.

"We are covered in the fine moon dust-looking powder and we are indoors," Motley said. "The hallways appear to be smoking because there is so much dust and dirt in the air."

They also whiled away the time while stranded by playing basketball with the Marines, according to the story. This is during temps that even Oklahoma doesn't surpass regularly.

"The temp gauge in one of the escort vehicles read 131 degrees in the direct sun," Motley said.

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