Oklahoma policy can take lottery winnings from deadbeat dads 

If this isn't for the children, then nothing is. When lottery supporters argued five years ago the need for Oklahoma to get into the scratch-off and Powerball business, they made the claim that it would help Oklahoma children. Apparently, they weren't kidding.

We just thought they were talking about how the state's lottery fund would be dedicated to education. Buy a lottery ticket, win $100 bucks and add more money to the classroom. It's the ultimate " ugh, we hate to say this " win-win situation (but, is it a win-win-win situation?).

Now, it turns out sometimes when you win, the only person who gets the prize is the child. According to the state Department of Human Services, several Oklahomans have scratched or picked the winning numbers only to have their loot snatched up and given to the child they have been neglecting. Under the lottery law that passed by a statewide vote in 2004, a winner has a background check to see if he or she owes any back child-support payments before receiving the winnings.

We can see it now: "Hey, Mr. Lottery Winner, congratulations! Your second child from your third marriage will be very happy to receive your Powerball earnings."

DHS officials said the agency collected more than $104,000 from 55 winners since Oklahoma got into the lottery business.

"Being able to intercept lottery winnings on behalf of the children of Oklahoma is just one way OCSS helps keep families economically stable," said Tammy Lee, lottery offset coordinator for Oklahoma Child Support Services, in a released statement.

Ah, intercept, what a lovely word to describe spoiling a deadbeat dad's jackpot.

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