Oklahoma politicians suggest removing sales tax on guns 

Boy, here's one for the Oklahoma marketing genius category at Chicken-Fried News. Take the reddest state in the nation (us) and come up with a plan to cut taxes even more " and make guns cheaper!

That had to be a no-brainer for State Rep. Eric Proctor, D-Tulsa, and state Sen. Kenneth Corn, D-Howe.

That's because the two legislators are the authors of a bill to repeal the state sales tax on the purchase of guns and ammunition.

See? Brilliant.

"As Americans, we should not have to pay a tax to exercise our constitutional rights " especially our Second Amendment rights," said Proctor in a release. "In Oklahoma, we have a long tradition of sportsmanship and hunting that precedes statehood and we should protect that heritage."

What's the deal with this? How come it took two Democrats to concoct this idea? What, are the Republicans getting complacent?

Proctor said the measure will not affect state money going to wildlife programs and will have minimal impact, really, on the total income flowing into state coffers. We'll still have outrageous license tag fees and such.

In fact, there's no downside here, as far as Proctor is concerned. And the benevolence of the state in rescinding such a tax will help put guns in the hands of those whom it might help the most " the state's poor.

"People shouldn't have to pay a tax to the government if they need a gun in the home for self-protection," Proctor said. "No matter what, the responsibility to protect your family is greater than the state's need to generate taxes."

Hear, hear! Praise the Legislature and pass the ammunition!

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