Oklahoma representative Sally's got a gun 

For those who dismissed the remarks by Rep. Sally Kern when she said that homosexuals are more of a threat to our country than terrorists earlier this year, know this " Sally packs heat. The unabashed Christian girl loves her gun so much, she just can't part from it. Not just once, but twice, Kern's need to be close to cold hard steel has put her at odds with the law.

While entering the security area of the Capitol, the gun reportedly was noticed in Kern's purse as it passed through the X-ray machine. Kern said she was headed to a meeting and forgot to take the gun out before entering the building.

An Oklahoma Department of Public Safety spokesman said strangers would be subject to arrest and being charged with a misdemeanor of bringing a gun into the Capitol, according to the Tulsa World. But those kind, forgivable officers of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, with jurisdiction over the Capitol, decided no harm, no foul and handed Sally Oakley her gun back and sent her on her way.

Never mind this was the second time in two months Kern took her gun inside the Capitol. The first time, the guards didn't even see it and Kern made it to her office before self-reporting her firearm faux pas, The Associated Press reported.

Kern reportedly calls herself an "outdoors girl," so that .380-caliber pistol she carried indoors makes perfect sense. CFN intern Bucky prefers to use an AK-47 machine gun when tramping through the woods. He's always driving those security guards at the Ford Center crazy when he forgets to leave his AK in the car after a nature walk. He was nearly sent home after setting off the alarm at the Hannah Montana concert.

Kern, who has a gun permit, did claim she received death threats earlier this year after her comments on homosexuality were posted on YouTube, according to AP. However, she's been packing heat since long before the controversy.

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