Oklahoma representative wants equine dentists supervised 

Reality mainstay Heidi Montag is going to have to find a new dentist. Rep. Brian Renegar, D-McAlester, maintains that equine dentists should face criminal charges for cleaning horsey teeth unless supervised by a veterinarian, according to a story on NewsOK.com.

Renegar, himself a vet, requested an interim study of the pressing issue recently. This stems from an April incident where outraged horse people " owners, trainers and the dentists, which for some reason are called "floaters" (CFN thought that meant something else) " stampeded a legislative session to oppose a law making it a felony to give equines a fresh and minty smile without the supervision of a vet. Because of their neighs of disapproval, the offense was downgraded to a misdemeanor.

But that isn't enough for the horsemen. Mike Johnston, an Edmond vet with the Equine Medical Association, reportedly went before the House Public Health Committee to complain about the law. He said district attorneys just don't have time to punish horse dentists. What? They have something better to do?

We think regulating horse dentistry is just the tip of the molar. Why not also look into rabbit and gerbil dentistry? Have you seen the pearly whites on a squirrel? There's obviously an underground squirrel dentist movement that needs controlling, too.

Renegar, however, is focused only on horses. He said there are enough dentistry-practicing vets in the state to cover all of the equine population's teeth needs. Plus, The Oke reported six horses have been injured and one even kicked the bucket after dental injuries at the hands of the floaters over the past decade. That must have been one hell of a cleaning.

The horse debate is far from over. Another committee is slated to take up the problem this week. 

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