Oklahoma sanitation service owner faces felony dumping charges 

That's southeastern Oklahoma for ya " they're rough, tough and they don't take any "¦ well, wait. One does.


A PushmatahaCounty man faces a felony charge because of a complaint he was taking raw sewage and grease and dumping them on his own land without a permit.


According to a recent story, Clyde Taylor of Antlers allegedly was illegally operating an "unpermitted" solid waste disposal site, a felony violation of the Oklahoma Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Act.


The story states that the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality served a search warrant on Taylor's place near the county seat of Antlers (which has the county's traffic light) and discovered piles of raw sewage and grease were dumped on open fields.


Investigators also found "related sewage debris including toilet paper" near a pond and "a ditch containing several thousand gallons of septic waste," according to the story. The piece reported investigators also found a needle and bracelets typical of those hospital patients wear.


Then they had lunch (just kidding). Actually, DEQ Investigator Dennis Williams was moved "¦ to speech.


"Illegal disposal of solid waste puts the public at risk by potentially exposing them to dangers that can have significant health effects," Williams said.  "Environmental laws were put in place to prevent acts like this from happening."


We'll say. And seriously, you guys are the sh" "¦ um, tops!


Taylor is the owner of Southeastern Sanitation Service, located in Antlers, according to the story. Southeastern Sanitation Service has two " two, for pity's sake " septic pumper trucks (!) used to clean out septic tanks, restaurant grease traps and portable toilets.


"The trucks primarily haul untreated human sewage and/or waste grease," the story states " just in case we don't have enough of the picture. DEQ licensed Taylor's company to dump sewage only at the city of Antlers Wastewater Treatment Facility.


Banjo lessons are probably extra.

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