Oklahoma senator predicts death of daily newspaper 

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) met in late February. Now, for a group that recently lost the presidency and both houses of Congress, we figured there'd be a lot of tears and a few stages of the grieving process, but not for these folks.

According to Jim Geraghty's post for the National Review Online, day two of CPAC saw a speech by Oklahoma's own Sen. Tom Coburn. What insights did he bring to the conference? We'll let him tell you: "The daily newspaper is going to die."

Wrote Geraghty about that little ditty, "It's not meant as an applause line, but gets a round of applause, anyway."

Coburn also said technology is going to benefit freedom from oppression from the government.

 "The competitive channels on cable " we're starting to see some reflection," Coburn said. "At least there (are) two viewpoints in the country today where there used to be only one."

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" picked up Coburn's remarks for the March 2 broadcast. But, our senator looked positively cuddly next to the stuff coming out of other speakers' mouths.

As Jon Stewart summed up, basically, some folks at CPAC are calling for the annihilation of a U.S. city (specifically, Chicago) to get this country back on track and save us from those dastardly, "unpatriotic Democrats." The death of newspapers is just an added bonus.

We here at CFN love that politicians are scrambling to honor and uphold every industry they can, but all bets are off when it comes to the media.

Good to know the Oklahomans working for the state's many newspapers are worth less to the health of Oklahoma than people working at a chicken factory.

Maybe Coburn can do a "good riddance" tour to the hundreds of daily and weekly newspapers that employ people in Oklahoma.

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