Oklahoma sheriff in Custer County faces 35 sex-related felony charges 

In the world of sexually subjugating one's fellow human beings, the Custer County sheriff's office under Michael Burgess was allegedly a hoppin' place, according to an affidavit.

Filed in Custer County District Court on April 16, the affidavit cites 35 felony counts against Burgess, who recently stepped down as sheriff. The counts include 14 of second-degree rape, seven of forcible oral sodomy, five of bribery by a public official, two of sexual battery, a couple more of subordination of perjury and also rape by instrumentation, and one each of kidnapping, indecent exposure "¦ and engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses (!).

It's that last one that gets us. Anyway, that affidavit alleges that Burgess used the Custer County Jail as a private stable of sex slaves, i.e. he allegedly took part in various sexual activities with women incarcerated there " and with at least one female deputy.

According to a recent Associated Press story, Burgess appeared in court and posted $50,000 bail.

"We are stunned," Undersheriff Kenneth Tidwell told AP, apparently gifted with understatement, as well.

Among the allegations are that Burgess allegedly had a woman perform oral sex upon him, per the affidavit. That particular victim was beset upon again, and again, and again, and again "¦ many times "¦ by Burgess, who used her sexually in a variety of fashions, according to the affidavit. Per the document, she was a drug-court participant, and he said he would use his position to make sure she didn't lose her favored treatment there.

Burgess' attorney, Steve Huddleston, told AP that "Mr. Burgess is anxious to go to court and clear his name."

The AP also reported that a federal lawsuit filed in October by 12 former inmates alleges the sheriff's employees had them engage in wet T-shirt contests and offered cigarettes to those who would flash their breasts. But no other employees are named in the criminal affidavit.

In all, Burgess faces up to 467 years in prison, depending on how one counts, according to the AP. Frankly, we couldn't count that high when we read the affidavit.

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