Oklahoma State professor's research stirs up Singaporean tiff 

There is a bit of tiff brewing in the opinion pages of a Singaporean newspaper concerning statements made by a research department at Oklahoma State University. The issue concerns world hunger, and letter writers to the Straits Times are biting each other over who is right, using OSU as the tenderizer.

It all started with a letter to the editor of the Times from George Jacobs, writing about how vegetarianism would help solve the world food crisis. The letter pointed out that growing grains to be eaten by animals which then become human meals wastes resources. The writer suggests the grains could more efficiently go straight to people.

But Ng E-Jay disagreed and responded with his own letter. He cited the OSU Department of Animal Science breeds of livestock Web page, which states, "It is true that it is more efficient for humans to eat plant products directly rather than to allow animals to convert them to human food."

However, as he pointed out, the department goes on to say, "This inefficiency only applies to those plants and plant products that the human can utilize. The fact is that over two-thirds of the feed fed to animals consists of substances that are either undesirable or completely unsuited for human food."

Ah, that prompted Jacobs to write back, "Meat is a cause of world hunger because resources " land, fertilizer, water, energy and other agricultural inputs " are used to grow, harvest and transport food for animals instead of food for people."

Here's the kick: "This is a point missed by the authors of the Oklahoma State University Web site that Mr. Ng cites," Jacobs wrote.

Oh, take that, Cowboys. You've just been put down by a Singaporean veggie. Send Pistol Pete over; he'll show Jacobs a thing or two about tenderizing meat.

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