Oklahoma town suffers goats gone wild 

You think you've heard of "baaaad" laws, huh? It seems to Chicken-Fried News that Oklahoma abounds with them, but then there's the one in Dibble that really gets our goat.


According to KFOR-TV Channel 4's intrepid Scott Hines, a woman down there, Carol Mendenhall, was ticketed recently when a neighbor turned her in because her pet goats were having sex on her front lawn.


Oh, yeah. Seriously. It's against the law for animals to have sex in public in Dibble, according to the Hinemeister.


In fact, the story showed the text of Dibble's ordinance. Sex isn't all that's prohibited. Animals can't go poop or pee-pee in public, either.


"It's McClain County's latest drama " goats gone wild," explained the Hinerator, introducing the goats. "He's the womanizer "¦ Adam. And these are his three lovely ladies: Gabby, Eve and Leandra."


"Adam was having sex with Leandra, Gabby and Eve," the story cited Mendenhall explaining. "You can be ticketed "¦ if your bull jumps your cow "¦ and someone sees it," she said.


Mendenhall said that she also got ticketed for the poopy problem.


"I got another ticket that says your property line has to be 200 feet from wherever they poop from anybody's house," she said.


Adding to the complications, according to the story, Mendenhall said she originally was outside city limits, on county property. But that changed when, she told the Hinekin, the city annexed her land without telling her.


"That's why she's "¦ fighting for her goats' rights " to do what goats naturally do," Hines said.


He said that follow-up calls to the city were not answered, but that Mendenhall appeared in court following the citations, and both the sex charges and the poop charges were dropped regarding her ruminants. The matter appears to be on the agenda for discussion in an upcoming City Council meeting.


Meanwhile, the story made the wires and flashed around the globe. All over the world, people are reading about Dibble's shrewd and judicious edicts. At CFN, we've got a word for it: Dibble-itated.

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