Oklahoman learns to wear pants when police approach 

Hey kids, here's a tip about greeting police officers: Always have your pants on.

Greg Fagan of Ardmore found out what happens when you forget to put on the bottom half of your clothing. It leads police to search in areas you probably don't want them looking.

According to a story in The Daily Ardmoreite, authorities were serving a search warrant at Fagan's house when he answered the door sans pants. The officers were narcotics agents checking in on Fagan after receiving complaints from neighbors about allegations of suspicious activity. We're guessing the missing pants didn't help.

The story went on to report that Fagan compounded his problem when he asked the officers to retrieve his pants from another room. Which leads us to tip No. 2: If you're hiding something in your pants, don't ask officers to help recover it. This quote to the newspaper from Robin Beal, Ardmore PD's public information officer, should be enshrined.

"Officers granted Fagan's request and brought the trousers to him, noticing the unusual weight of the pockets before handing the garment over."

Is that an unusual weight in your pocket, or are you just glad "¦ never mind.

The officer continued: "Closer inspection revealed a loaded small-caliber semi-automatic handgun in one of the trouser pockets."

Police searched the house and reportedly found a second handgun, coke, mary jane and prescription pills.

Chicken-Fried News has received advice on the importance of not getting caught with our pants down. If Mr. Fagan doesn't teach us that lesson, then we might as well just walk naked into a police station.

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