Oklahoma's polygraph technician puts fishing tales to the test 

Oh, wait, you thought fishermen lied when their lips were moving?


Actually, there's a guy who can speak to that, according to a recent story in The Oklahoman.


John Thomas is Oklahoma's polygraph technician, administering lie detector tests for Oklahoma's bass fishing tournaments, according to the Oke.


For those not familiar with this phenomenon, fishing tournaments have become really big deals with big prizes for those who land the winning fish. Big enough prizes that someone would go far and beyond the normal big fish story to win one.


Enter Thomas. A former Tulsa police officer, he's been doing his job for 25 years for Oklahoma's tourneys. At the end of a tournament, according to the story, he puts the following questions to the would-be angler angels:


"Did you catch all of your fish legally?" "Did you catch all of the fish during tournament hours?" "Did you catch all of the fish on a rod and reel and with artificial baits?" "Did you break any kind of tournament rule?"


When you're attached to the polygraph, the needles dance if any of these questions aren't answered truthfully.


Thomas told the Oke it's been 17 years since he's caught someone in a major fish story. That happened when two guys from Missouri showed the tournament officials a winning bass. Deal was, the story states, they'd tied the fish up. They were up to win $10,000.


"I caught them on the polygraph, but it was already a moot point," Thomas said.

"Somebody had seen them, and the tournament director sent them to me to confirm it."


Thing is, it's hard to get away with that kind of cheating, because so many people are watching, he said. It would be like Tiger Woods trying to pull a mulligan.


"Especially on GrandLake," Thomas said. "There are so many people and so many houses there. There are docks everywhere. Somebody is bound to see you."

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